Writing for Profit: Write It, then Sell, Publish, or Monetize It

Writing for profit can take you in many directions. Perfect for an RV traveler, wouldn't you say? You can make money writing, and you don't need a degree in journalism or English to do it.

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Writing for profit can take you in many directions. Perfect for an RV traveler, wouldn't you say? You can make money writing, and you don't need a degree in journalism or English to do it.

There are many things you can write: Specialty guides. Magazine articles. How-to manuals. Comic strips. Advice columns. Movie scripts. Reports. Greeting card verses. Romance novels. Westerns. Technical reports. Blogs. Website content. Fortune cookie sayings. Social media posts. Stories for trade journals. E-books. Plays. Children's books.

Or, you could be a syndicated columnist, photojournalist, sports or travel writer, or a grant writer. You could be a poet, newsletter editor, or a ghost writer. You could be a writer for book packagers.

And, just as varied are the media that deliver your writings. Magazines, newspapers, newsletters. websites, e-zines, and blogs. Books and e-books. Booklets, white papers, and special reports. Books on tape, CD's and DVD's.

As for what to write about, the topics are limited only by your interests, imagination, and willingness to research.

And, there are related activities such as desktop publishing and editing, where you profit from someone else's writing. Virtual assistants are also called upon to write all sorts of things for their clients.

Self Publishing Pays for RVing Writers Build a self publishing business. You write. You publish. You sell. You profit. Can it really be that simple? Yes. What matters most is that you do actually do it. Get it written and get it out there.

Professional Bloggers Professional bloggers earn by writing about something that interests them and frequently posting those writings to a website log -- a blog. They make blogging pay.

Writing about Fly Fishing An RVer asks about writing for profit, "I would like to write about fly fishing spots in the different states. Is there a place for these kind of articles, somewhere to get my stories about fly fishing published?" And, Coleen replies.

A Romance Writer Touches Hearts: Here's How to Get Started Does the idea of being a romance writer strike your fancy? I know some of you scoff at the idea. But, romance novels sell. Someone writes all those love stories and gets paid for doing so.

Ghost Towns and the Old West -- Stories and Photos Here are 15 suggestions for selling your ghost town and old west photos and stories, as well as a few other ideas for making money with them.

Writing RV Adventure Books In the pioneer days of America, iron men and stout hearted women loaded their belongings into a Conestoga wagon, hitched up a team of oxen, mules or horses, and headed out. These early road rogues crossed the plains heading for the territory of their dreams, the "promised land."

Writing Resumes A working RVer, Joanne, who writes for profit shares her profile: I am professionally trained in writing resumes. Each resume that I write is personalized to suit my client and his work requirements. In a nutshell, it is one-on-one service.

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