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- Mary

I'm interested in writing for a magazine or newsletter to supplement our income while traveling. I need some suggestions on where to start looking for such a paying publication. Any ideas shared would be appreciated.

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Resources for Writers

Writer's Market -- a book -- has been the trusted source of freelance writers for decades. It's published annually to provide complete, up-to-date contact information and submission guidelines for literally thousands of markets. It is not limited to magazines. It also includes greeting card companies, newspapers, production companies, theaters, etc.

It also has a how-to section to help you sell what you write. There you'll find help for writing query letters, pay rate charts showing how much professional freelancers charge, instructional articles, interviews, and tips for marketing your articles.

Any library or bookstore (brick or online) should have a multitude of books on freelance writing.

We have more articles on the website that may interest you. Check out the index page. Writing for Profit.

Writing for Pay

One of the ways to get paid very minimal pay is by hints: household, travel, RVing, etc. Check the magazines on who is paying. Women's World, Woman's Day, Coast to Coast (if you are a member).

Then some magazines as mentioned in Writer's Guide are looking for travel pieces.

I prefer to stick with a few that I get to know what they want, what has been done, and their style.

writing for Pay

There are quite a few options for anyone who wants to write for pay. If you are interested in magazine non-fiction articles, check the local area for regional type magazines - they are always looking for material. These magazines can quite often be found at local recreation, senior, sports centers, etc. The pay is not always that great but every little bit helps.

As Colleen advised Writer's Market is a great resource. Also search for markets on the internet - under freelance writing, etc.

Good luck!

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