Write a Good Work Wanted Ad: Tips for Writing a WW Ad that Gets Results

How you write a Work Wanted ad can mean the difference in getting a job interview or not. A good Work Wanted ad grabs an employer's attention. It gives the employer a reason to contact you. That paragraph or two that makes up your Work Wanted ad is all prospective employers have to go on in deciding if they should contact you for more information or to invite you for an interview.

Tips to Write an Effective Work Wanted Ad

~ Make your Work Wanted ad about the employer, not about you. Let the employer know how you can help him solve his needs. What can you do for him?

~ State your skills and accomplishments relevant to the job. How can they benefit the employer?

~ When you write your ad, keep things positive. Say what you can do.

~ Leave out negative information. Skip the part that says what you cannot do.

~Tell employers what education, experience, and skills you have that would be assets to the business.

~ Emphasize specific personal characteristics that help you to do the job. It is easy to write that you are responsible, a hard worker, and can handle all aspects of the job. What employer will believe it? After all, have you ever seen a job seeker describe himself as a not-too-bright, irresponsible deadbeat? Be specific when listing character traits.

~ Omit irrelevant details. Do your age, marital status, pets, children, type of RV, and home state have anything to do with improving your ability to do the work you seek? If not, don’t mention them.

~ Remember it is the business owner's job to hire people who can help the business succeed. It is not the business owner's job to help you make your dream come true.

~ Get rid of "I want."

~ Address the employer's needs. What can you do to make life easier -- and business more profitable -- for the employer?

~ Communicate clearly. Your Work Wanted ad is an example of your communication skills.

~ Get rid of signs of desperation. Begging and asking for "a chance" tell employers you lack self-confidence. Self-confidence is a highly sought after employee characteristic.

~ Focus your ad on what you can do for the campground -- not on what you hope they can do for you.

~ Get the details right. Rather than telling the employer you are "detail orientated," let your classified show it.

~Proofread and correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. Yes, it does make a difference if you use "your" when you mean "you're."

~ Use an email address appropriate for business.

~ Read your rough draft carefully and look for anything negative. Get rid of it. Bashing your previous employer, co-worker, or community isn't going to help you get a job.

~ Use your Work Wanted add to attract employer's attention. In a good way!

~ Include your contact information. Including both a phone number and an email address can make it easier for a prospective employer to reach you.

~ Prepare for responses. Be available to answer emails or phone calls from employers. Have your resume ready to send them. Be ready for interviews.

~ Write your Work Wanted ad -- then wait -- before sending it. Do something else for a few hours or overnight. Go back and read it aloud. Correct any mistakes or awkward sounding phrases.

Use these tips to write a good Work Wanted ad. Get the employers attention. Prepare for the calls or emails asking for more information. Be ready for the interviews. Land the job you want!

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