31 Jobs Working with Plants That Can Help Finance Your RV Lifestyle

Working with plants ... here's a quick list of 31 jobs, careers, or work opportunities involving plants. The compensation varies from a place to park your RV on up to professional level salaries. Likewise, the amount of training and experience required ranges from on the job training to highly specialized biology degrees.

Working with Plants

Thirty-one different opportunities for financing your RV lifestyle by working with plants:

1. Temp or seasonal jobs in greenhouses and plant nurseries. In the spring when they are getting ready for the season with bedding plants, both vegetable starts, and flowers.

2. Plant propagation.

3. County agricultural extension agents offices.

4. Pesticide applicators.

5. Herbicide applicators.

6. Tree planters.

7. Organic farms and orchards.

8. Farm and ranch hands.

9. Plant research at universities.

10. Plant sales lots. These remind me of Christmas tree lots. But instead of Christmas trees, they are selling flats of bedding plants, shrubs, trees, or other things you'd find at greenhouses. A bit later in the season, you sometimes see them where they are selling hanging flower baskets.

11. Flea market vending selling live plants, dried flowers, home-made or purchased potpourri, or other plant related items.

12. Pumpkin lots. These may be limited to just pumpkin sales. Others, though, involve other harvest vegetables, hay rides, craft shows, and assorted activities.

13. Christmas tree lot worker or lot manager.

14. Seed saver exchange for heirloom vegetables

15. Master gardener or assistant

16. Christmas tree farm employer. They may need workers year round, tending the trees and doing general farm work. At choose and cut farms, they would be more likely to need additional seasonal help.

17. Florists and nurseries that decorate and sell Christmas trees, poinsettias, wreaths, Christmas bouquets.

18. Teach a class or do workshop presentations on herbs, local flora, aquatic plants, or some other plant specialty

19. Laying sod.

20. Plant breeding.

21. Custom combining and harvest crews.

22. Landscaping.

23. Garden departments of zoos, state fairs, and theme parks.

24. Temp jobs with cities, doing landscaping and tending their community flower beds.

25. Arborist.

26. Seasonal jobs with the National Forest Service or with National Parks clearing trails, doing weed control, planting beneficial plants.

27. Seasonal work with conservation groups doing special plantings to prevent erosion.

28. Personal lawn care business.

29. House sitting or caretaking properties with gardens, flower beds, and plants.

30. Plot testing and data recording for seed companies

31. Seasonal jobs working the nursery departments at mass merchandise stores such as Walmart, home builder supply stores such as Home Depot, or the larger grocery stores that have special spring plant sections.

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