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Tent Camping Workers

If you have the right frame of mind, and the right body, for tent camping, you can do it!

Learn to read Help Wanted ads with an open mind. Unless the ad says "Class A motorhomes only" or otherwise specifies a particular type of RV or camping unit, consider it a possibility.

Look for work at campgrounds that have a tenting section. You can probably find out if they do or not by looking on their websites. Or, call and ask them.

Consider starting with one of your favorite campgrounds, preferably where management already knows you. That would give you experience and a reference that could help ease hesitations other campground owners might have.

Now, what I've written was from the frame of reference that the campgrounds are RV parks and would naturally expect work campers to have an RV. However, thinking more about it, that may not be the case. There are campgrounds where tents are the norm.

Another big factor here is just what kind of camping experience you want to have. I've seen tent campgrounds spring up for special events and then they are dismantled shortly thereafter. Some that come to mind are motorcycle rallies, rodeos, fairs, antique farm equipment shows, and renascence festivals.

Off road camping areas could provide another option. I wonder if state or national parks management would love to have someone in areas that aren't accessible by motorhomes or trucks and trailers.

We don't hear a lot form tent campers. Please send us updates.

Also, do we have other tenters reader who could offer advice or suggestions, or share tenting experiences?

Working Tent Camper

A WOW reader writes: A lot depends on your tent and the creature comforts inside the tent. Normal work camper assignments for us are three months minimal. How would your tent feel after three months? Could you make it six or nine months? My first thought is sleeping on a camp cot or air mattress for any length of time. My second thought is refrigeration and food preparation for any length of time. I have met volunteers in Florida who tent camped but nowhere else. A small bumper pull, if affordable, would provide a much better environment IMHO. Good luck to you.

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