Working RVer Without RV

- Lynn

Is there any way to become a "working RVer" before getting the RV? Sounds a bit silly, I know. Not being able to purchase a recreational vehicle until I have a job has put a glitch in my dreams, unless anyone has any suggestions. Must this be only a dream, or can it be a reality? Thanks. I love your site.

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Owning a Recreational Vehicle Is Not Required

Hi Lynn,

Believe it or not, yes, you can be a working RVer without owning an RV!

Some employers provide housing. It might be a camping trailer, fifth-wheel, motorhome, or park model and that would make you an official "working RVer." Some campground and resort owners have extra units for their staff. Bob and I worked at a museum and, as caretakers, they provided us with housing, which was a park model RV. A musician friend of ours worked at one of those chuck wagon dinner and music show places, and they furnished him a trailer to live in for the season. We went on a custom harvest crew circuit once and company owned RVs were part of the harvest fleet. Fishing camps are notorious for providing campers for their workers.

However, the housing may also be a cabin, a space in a bunkhouse, an apartment, hotel room, or cottage, or some other arrangement. Some will say these latter types of living quarters don't qualify, and they are technically correct. But, are you looking for practical or technical?

If you work in a campground, and live and work among RVers, is that the experience you are after? People who work at state and national parks sometimes are given cabins to live in during their service -- not technically a recreational vehicle, but you get the same atmosphere as RV workcampers.

Is it the seasonal or short-term nature of working RVer jobs that appeal to you? Sure, if you have your own recreational vehicle, you will have more options. But, you can find these positions that provide housing. You might look at jobs in agriculture, or in the service industry such as at resorts and motels. Property caretaking is another area where housing may be included.

Check out the Help Wanted ads on this site. You'll see there are some that advertise that housing is provided or that having an RV is optional.

Thank You For the Advice

Thank you, Coleen. I appreciate knowing that I have been looking in the right direction.

I will continue to search your ads and the Caretaker Gazette ads. Will also extend my research to cover your other suggestions.

Yes, it is the life that appeals to me and I will get my RV!

I have worked in the hospitality field for over 25 years, travel whenever I can, and lived on a 36'sailboat for 2-1/2 years. I am getting out of this state (CA) and heading to OR in August.

I will see you on the road in the near future! Thanks again and keep up the great website!

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