Working RV Basics: Getting Started and Keeping On

The working RV basics. How to get started. How to keep going. Articles about making a living while RVing and about volunteer work camping that don't fit in elsewhere on Work For RVers And Campers.

RV Site Value -- What is the Campsite Value to Working RVers? An RV site value isn't necessarily the posted rate. It might be to the IRS. But, there's more to deciding how many hours to work for a site than dividing the cost of the site by an hourly figure. Determining what the campsite is worth, and to whom, can be tricky. Here's help.

Those Who Take Action Get Paid, Even if What They Do Isn't So Great Take action. It isn't what you can do well that makes you money, it is what you do. No matter how well you are able to do something, if you aren't out there doing it, you won't get paid for it.

Take Employment Advice from the Successful: Find a Good Role Model Employment advice comes free and fast. Before you blindly follow what someone tells you, look at his success (or lack thereof). Your role model, or mentor, should have experience and accomplishments.

Our RV Work: Some of Coleen and Bob’s Jobs We went full-time RVing in the spring of 1992. Through the years, we’ve had numerous seasonal and temporary positions. We’ve worked as employees, volunteers, and independent contractors. Here’s a list of some of the mobile and short-term jobs we’ve done.

How I Find Jobs While RVing How do I find jobs? As part of Workers On Wheels and being a working RVer for over 25 years, people often ask how I find work. Here are some scenarios that produced job offers for me in the past.

Attract Jobs from Out of the Blue How you look and how you act can attract jobs. I'm not talking about how you look and act at a job interview. Or, even when you go into a place and ask about work or turn in a job application.

Afraid of Not Finding Work: Having Confidence to Go Full-Time RVing “Weren’t you afraid of not finding work? Wasn’t it scary to quit your jobs to go full time RVing and travel?” Those are questions we frequently hear. The answer is a resounding, “No!” There was never any doubt that we’d be able to support ourselves on the road. Here’s why.

Brainstorm Ideas: Do This Exercise to Find Work You'll Love Brainstorm for ideas. Try this brainstorming exercise to come up with money-making ideas. Take a topic that interests you. See how many different kinds of jobs or income producing activities you can find related to it. One of them is likely to be something that is practical for you to do.

Seeking Work that Meets Your Needs Means Bypassing Jobs Perfect for Someone Else Why are you seeking work? You need to know why you are looking for a job so you can choose a position right for you. Decide what you want or need from the job, before you start your job search.

Your Passion in Life Can Be Your Ticket to Making and Saving Money Let your passion in life earn you money. Or, save you money. At the very least, combine it with RVing to cut your hobby expenses. Make the most of gathering with others who share your interest.

Good Employees Share These Classic Traits Good employees are hard to come by, regardless of the economy. Learn to be one, and there's a good likelihood that you'll never have trouble finding a job. What do employers want in their workers?

Find a Job by Having Coffee and Breakfast at the Local Cafe Find a job when you are new in town and don't know anyone? How? Going to the local cafe is a good way to find short-term employment. This actually makes looking for work a fun part of the day.

Find a Job by Having Coffee and Breakfast at the Local Cafe (Part 2 - continued) How to find a job by going to the cafe - part 2. More examples of employment offers, along with specific tips for finding work when you are new in town and don't know where to look for employment.

Use What You Have: Involve Yourself in Creating Your Opportunity Use what you have to do what you can. Use your tools and your talents. Opportunities present themselves wherever you are. Make yourself available and your interests and abilities known.

Why Didn't I Get the Job? Twelve Reasons They Didn't Hire You You didn't get the job. Why? Was it something you did -- or didn't -- do? Are they discriminating? Did you do something wrong? Are you unlucky? Here are real reasons applicants don't get the job. And, for a bonus, some things you can do to increase the likelihood of being chosen for the next job you want.

Fast Cash: Ten Ways to Get Quick Cash You need some fast cash! You don't have time to go job hunting, build a business, or save for it. You need a way to get quick cash. Here are 10 ways to get cash quickly.

Lend a Hand: Kindness Is Repaid, Sometime Monetarily with a Job Lend a hand without being asked. It isn't really volunteering. What I'm talking about are incidental times when you step in and help to be kind. When you just do something because you know it will really help someone. And, you don't have the ulterior of motive of getting paid, or even getting an RV parking site out of the deal. But, it ends up that you do get paid.

Jobs for People Like Me Jobs. Success. We at Workers On Wheels love to help RVers succeed. One way we do that is by answering questions. We give practical, honest answers. We don't buy into myths and excuses. We don't sugar coat. And, we often believe in you more than you believe in yourself.

Job Titles: Don't Assume They Describe the Position You Envision Job titles may or may not tell you about the actual job duties. Your idea of what a "manager," "camp host," or "caretaker," is may not be the same as the person's who placed the Help Wanted ad.

Jobs with Housing for Workers Who Don't Yet Have Their RV Jobs with housing can fill the gap between living in a traditional home that you own or rent and when you get your RV. A variety of work options include room and board or lodging accommodations.

RVers Work with Kids: Job Ideas for RVers Wanting to Work with Children Is working with kids while RVing even a thing, asks one of our readers? Are there jobs for RVers that work with children? RVers work with kids, in all sorts of positions. Many RV-home business also center around kids.

Apply Early? Maybe, But Not Too Far in Advance "Apply early" doesn't mean a year in advance. Getting your resume in early may have benefits. But, don't go overboard, applying so soon that your job application is lost or completely rejected.

Positive Quotes: Hope and Encouragement to Boost Your Attitude Think positive! Sometimes, the most help we can be is to share a positive outlook and offer a dose of hope and encouragement. We hope these positive quotes lift your spirits, boost your attitude, and increase your optimism. 

Help Wanted Ads Are A Traditional Source of Job Listings The Help Wanted ads in newspapers are a good source of job listings. For RVers and campers, this means you can preview what's available before you travel to a different part of the country.

My Dream Job Is ... Fill in the blank. What kind of work would you do if you designed your perfect job? If you could create a profitable business that let you do things you love doing, what would it be? Tell us about YOUR dream job and read about the dream jobs of other RVers.

We Have Abundance: Are You Expanding or Contracting? Abundance reigns for most of us. Yet, I hear from RVers who are hanging up the RV keys or putting their dream of full-time RVing on hold because they fear the economy. I'm here to tell you, there are jobs for RVers who want to work.

Finding Your Dream Career You hear a lot about your "dream career." But what it is? You've worked for years, maybe decades, earning a living. Now, you're ready to travel and do what you'd really like to do.

Dog Travel Guide Can Help You Find Pet Friendly Beaches, Parks, and Campgrounds's Campground and Park Dog Travel Guide can help you plan your RVing vacation. More importantly for working RVers, it can help you decide where to look for your next job.

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