Working In Florida

- Shirley Merkle
(Spring HIll, Florida)

We live in Florida and would like to stay in the state of Florida. Are there any RV parks looking for help in the state of Florida? If so, we might be interested, but to be truthful have never done this workamper thing before.

We have a Class A motorhome, which sounds like that would be O.K.

Thanks for your answer in advance.

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Florida Jobs For RVers

Two Florida RV parks are advertising in this month's job listings. One even specifies that the workamper must be in a Class A motorhome. So, yes, there certainly are jobs for RVers in Florida for RVers, all year round. And, I don't know of any park that turns away workers because their RV is a Class A.

What are some of the parks that you've stayed at and liked? Did you have a chance to meet and visit with the manager or owner while you were there?

My suggestion is that you take your motorhome to a couple of FL parks and stay for a few days. Get the feel for the place. Visit with the owners, manager, staff, volunteer workampers. They will give you lots of information. Building that rapport can be an important first step.

Always Work In Fl.

I know Sun N Fun in Sarasota, Florida, is looking for people to work ASAP. Check them out.

Need Help In Florida

I am looking for workampers from Sept. rr Oct. until April. If you are interested, please call 407-913-4557. We are located in central Florida.

We are Looking for Workcamper/Cartaker Now

We are located in the Panhandle of Florida. Looking for a few good men and women as workampers and in need of a cartaker. If you would like more information please call the office at 850-674-2777 or email us at

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