Working Campers Are Not Looking For Jobs

- Coleen, the RVing Editor

"Those of us looking for legitimate Work Camping assignments are not looking for Jobs...." That's a partial quote from one of our site visitors who signed in as Anonymous.

Hmmmm, NOT looking for jobs. Do you agree or disagree? Post your point of view.

P.S. While you are free to agree or disagree, please keep it clean and skip the right out ugliness.

Comments for Working Campers Are Not Looking For Jobs

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What else would youy call it?

Workampers not looking for jobs?

According to the dictionary, JOB is:
1. The principal activity in your life that you do to earn money.
2. A specific piece of work required to be done as a duty or for a specific fee.
3. An object worked on; a result produced by working.
4. The responsibility to do something.
5. The performance of a piece of work.

I understand there are many of us that are looking to get paid for having a good time. But what else would you call it if we weren't looking for jobs?

Looking for Jobs

While I agree to a point, if people were not looking for a job, it would not make a lot of sense that they would be on the web site. I mean, the name saiz it all.

That said, I .... look / keep a check on the market for the job that may "fit my nitch" One never knows.

That said, I don't "need" a job. And yes, I'm one of the lucky ones. (I guess)

Not Looking for Jobs

My husband and I are wanting to become camp hosts.
I agree with the writer that we are not looking for a job.

We are looking for an adventure and a way to meet new people and see new areas.

It may be labor, but not in the same as a "JOB".
We want to be able to feel that we are making a difference in the people we meet and make them want to enjoy camping, and to teach the children that America has so much to offer in our great outdoors, and you don't have to have T.V., video games and internet to have fun.

Subsidizing Your Income

Subsidizing Your Income. Some people may not need extra income, but I think there are a lot of campers that do. With the high cost of fuel, and RV Parks that continually want more income, the cost of owning an RV is approaching hotel room rates per night.

I just got ripped off big time thinking delivering RVs was a way to make extra income.

Not looking for "Careers," maybe...

Perhaps the original poster meant to say he/she has already had a career and wasn't looking for another one. It would make sense then. Because we workampers, especially those of us who fulltime it, actually ARE looking for 'jobs'/positions/whatever magic word gets us in the door and on a site, preferably with pay, but definitely for the site and utilities and other perks. :-)

Not looking for a job?????

I suppose in the traditional sense if you define a 'job' as being a regular hours, regular pay boring as heck thing we do to make money -- then, no, we are not looking for a 'job,' but we are definitely looking for a way to earn extra income and a campsite as well.

If a 'job' means boredom and humdrum then NO we don't want that. But if it means using our talents and abilities to complete tasks and earn income while living full time in our travel trailer and getting to meet new people and visit new places then YES we are definitely looking for a 'job.'

Guess it just depends upon how you see the word 'job.'

"Not" looking for a "job."

True, I am not looking for a job, I am retired from my job. I am looking for something that will challenge me, and at the same time let me enjoy my hobby/way of life. My wife and I like to travel but we also like to be able to stay awhile in one place and explore all it has to offer. We can do that by "work camping." A job no, but it does help to stretch our retirement dollars.

We Worked!

We were camp hosts hired at a Workkamper Conference. I would absolutely call it a job! It was hard work and we got paid. What else would it be?
The Travel Bums

Retired and loving it

JOB means Just Often Broke ! Your own bussines is the answer....Jerry"G"

Workampers Are Not Looking For Jobs?

My husband and I have been workamping for the last 4 years and it is definitely a job. However they have been positions of "our" choosing and except for a couple have been wonderful! I never knew you could travel full time & work part time with so many wonderful people that turn into dear friends all over the country.

The "jobs" have given us experiences we never had in our careers and taught us so many wonderful things, not to mention given us insight into how some of the rest of the world works. We continue our beloved life style and the job supports the life style. Most of the time we don't even touch the pension check! It is all in interpretation I guess....

I see many agree: adventure, not a career.

Thanks! Sometimes it is hard to put things into
context with mere words.
Many of us are retired, but, like world traveling college students, yes we are looking for ways to make some types of compensation to help support our adventure, including the living arrangements and expenses.
I like to think of Work Camping something like the movie "City Slickers" where the work involved can be part of the adventure. Sure some of it is just mundane everyday chores you would do at your own home or business, a few hours every day, maybe 16 hours a week of your time in trade for some utilities and a parking spot, hopefully with a view of some wilderness and critters instead of Walmart.

Workamping Is A Real Job

If you are interested in Workamping then indeed, you are looking for a job. Whether or not, it is for just a site, or salary plus is a job that you want. I would say don't consider yourself a Workamper, if you don't want to work (working is a job).


Agree, so may of the listings are full fledged jobs...we could look in the paper or on line job search modes; please keep more specific to camp hosting opportunities in exchange for a space, there just isn't enough of that listed. Too may links to commercial enterprises.

Thank you

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