Work for RVers and Campers Polls and Surveys

Working RVers, share your opinions. Take the Work for RVers and Campers polls and surveys and let us know what you think.

Poll: Employee or Self-employed or Volunteer? Which Do YOU Prefer and Why? Employee or self-employed or volunteer? There are advantages and disadvantages to each. As a full-time RVer (or as you make your RVing plans) which suits you best? Take this poll and let us know.

Why Are You a Working RVer? (Or, Why Do You Want To Be a Working RVer?) Working RVer … why? I have my reasons. But, the news lately paints a different picture. Do you enjoy the RVing lifestyle? Or, are you a working camper because it is your last hope? Comments?

Poll: Workamping In the News - Is National Publicity Good for Working RVers? Workamping is a hot news topic these days, getting much national publicity. This poll lets you share your opinions about whether or not that is a good thing and how you think it will affect you.

Poll: What Benefits Are Most Important to RV Workcampers? What compensation and benefits are most important to RVing workers? Take this poll and let us – and those who do the hiring – know what makes a job attractive. What perks really matter to you?

Poll: Exclude RVs By Age And Type: Right or Wrong? Exclude RVs By Age And Type: Is discrimination by the kind of RV and/or how old it is right or wrong? Should it matter if you have a Class A, B, or C motorhome, a fifth wheel or regular trailer?

Poll: Newsletter Name and Format Survey Help shape the future of the newsletter. We’re publishing one ezine especially for working RVers and campers. Here’s your chance to tell what will make it the best for you. It combines the Workers On Wheels Newsletter (WOW E-zine) with the newsletter from this Work for RVers and Campers website.

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