Workers Without Campers

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Can you be a workamper without a camper? Can you start before you have your recreational vehicle? Are there jobs where the employer furnishes housing, an RV, or a cabin, or another place to live?


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Jobs that Include Housing

Yes, some employers do furnish housing for their workers. Many of the jobs are perfect for transitioning between living in a traditional home and full-time RVing. Many of the jobs that provide on-site housing are also the types of work popular with those who already have their RV.

When the employer provides a recreational vehicle, that RV can vary far and wide. Those at fish camps are likely to be older and run down travel trailers or pick-up campers that aren't on pick-ups. Some of the fancier RV parks may have large park models that look like traditional homes.

I started to give you a few examples, but ended up turning it into a full article. I hadn't realized there were so many options for workers without campers until I started to write this reply. There really are numerous possibilities.

Check our Help Wanted pages, and you'll see ads that offer various kinds of housing arrangements.

For the article with the examples, click here to read Jobs with Housing.

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