Workers of the Year Award Goes to Working RVers Stacy Wallis and Frank Pullano

Workers of the Year now highlights the resume of Workers On Wheels members Stacy Wallis and Frank Pullano. The couple received the award for their work at Everglades Youth Camp, located at the J. W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area in West Palm Beach, Florida. Wallis and Pullano were given the award for 2008-2009.

RV Workers of the Year Wallis and Pallano

Wallis and Pullano were chosen for the award for their work in hosting and maintaining the camp during the fall and winter months. They are workampers and full time RV'ers who "snow bird" to Florida during the winter.

The award was presented by the Friends of Corbett. They give Wallis and Pullano much credit, saying, "During the last two years that Wallis and Pullano worked at the facility, the grounds and the buildings never looked so good."

The camp is located in the Loxahatchee area of Palm Beach County. Frank and Stacy have made friends in the community as well as being part of the community. Not only are they liked, but they like it there.

Pullano said, "We liked it so much that we have recommended our RV friends to come and spend some time while they were traveling in the south." Frank liked the freedom to do the work that he wanted to do when he wanted to do it. They were required to work 20 hours a week each. However, Frank said, "there never was a week that we didn't put in at least 30 hours each because it was so much fun making the camp look nice." He continues, "We were free to take week days off whenever we wanted and for as long as we wanted, never having to ask, but instead verifying with the office that our services weren't needed at the camp at that time."

Stacy was happy to know that their work was appreciated and noticed by the public and guests. She liked being out in the wilderness and yet only 6 miles from shopping and restaurants.

The environmental camp is leased and sponsored by Florida Atlantic University. It offers its facilities to organizations and groups interested in the Florida environment, wild life, and outdoor recreation. The rustic camp offers their guest cabins and tent sites, as well as kitchen, dining hall facilities, swimming and fishing ponds, and indoor and outdoor class rooms.

The Everglades Youth Camp accepts volunteer workampers for a minimum stay of 45 days. The volunteers are required to work 20 hours per week in exchange for a full hook up site and use of all facilities. Workampers who may be interested in offering their services may send an email to

We congratulate Frank and Stacy for a job well done and for earning the Workers of the Year award while at the Everglades Youth Camp!

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