Worker Inspiration

- Coleen, the RVing editor

What inspires you to do your best? What can your supervisor do or say that will make you want to work a little harder or do a better job? What motivates you to give more to your job than just enough to get by?


Comments for Worker Inspiration

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Fair Pay for My Time

Money! There I said it. May not be what you wanted to hear. I don't go for all that fuzzy warm, feel good stuff. I work to get paid for my labor, so I can afford to buy groceries, buy fuel, buy parts for the truck, buy a beer every now and then. Pay me a fair wage and I'll give you a fair day's work. Pay me a little extra and I'll work a little harder than I need to.

Nice Employer

If an employer is nice to their workers, they will get more than they expect back. When an employer is cranky or demanding, the workers will be the same or similar. After all, this is the customer service business, and repeat business and word of mouth goes a long way.

When I read that a particular place is always looking for help, I think perhaps there is a problem with the management or work involved. Some keep adding jobs after our commitment is made, and think we will take it. With the present economy, some owners want more and more.

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