Work Wanted: Naomi and Jared

Full Time RVers
(1996 GMC Savana 1500)

Hello there and thank you for checking out our ad. We are a young couple who travel the states in our van full time. We are 25 and 24 years old and have been together for over three years and on the road for the majority of this time. Naomi is from New York and Jared is from Washington and we usually spend our time traveling back and forth between the two and like to spend our winters in Florida.

Our van is equipped with a compost toilet, a bed, and a cooking area but is not a Class B. Traveling with us is our small, five year old Husky who is also a trained service dog. She will not need to be with us while we work and certainly does not mind "holding down the fort" while we are gone.

Naomi has graduated recently from Syracuse University with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and, needless to say,is definitely a people person. Her work experience spans throughout the retail sector, customer service positions, food/beverage/hospitality positions, as well as the field of gaming. Although putting a smile on people's faces and having positive, meaningful interactions with customers is one of Naomi's strong suits, she also doesn't mind working alone and keeping herself busy as she is very easily self motivated.

Jared is taking a break from school where he is studying to be

an Automotive Technician. He is very good with mechanics and tinkering with stuff and finding out how things work. His job experience spans from the customer service industry, to factory work, to argricultural work, to live in maintenance positions at man camps in North Dakota, as well as that of a fast paced line cook. Jared's strengths are that he is very hard working, doesn't tire easily, and commits himself to his career wholeheartedly.

Naomi and Jared are more than willing to relocate anywhere in the country or Canada for work. The change of scenery is always welcome. We can work for as little as a few days on up to as much as a whole season or even potentially longer for the right gig.

Both Naomi and Jared are drug free and intend to stay that way.

Thank you again for your consideration and we look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Naomi & Jared

- - - -

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