Work Wanted: Jerry and Kimberly Peterson

Full-time RVer
(RV: Class C)

For the past 15 years we have been full time travelers. Our only income is when we work so we choose to find exciting jobs along our travels. We find the fun in everything we do and truly enjoy working with one another. We would require the same schedule with the same days off so that we could enjoy the area that we would be working in. We have been married for over 21 years and continue being the best of friends.

We had our own tile installation company for many years while we were in the stationary lifestyle. We grew it to a phenomenal stage but wanted more from our lives then working 24/7. Around the same time, we had some major family losses which made us rethink our dreams of traveling once again. We ventured out and have never regretted that decision.

The experience we bring forth is not only from the many hats we have worn in the past full time traveling years, but all the vast experience we had prior to traveling. We can give you a non-smoking, drug-free, reliable couple looking for opportunities to enhance their lives. If you don't see the experience you need on our resume, just ask, we probably have it, but if we don't, we will certainly figure it out. We work well together as a team and do not bring any drama or controversy with one another.

Jerry is always willing to learn new skills and is not afraid to ask for help when he needs it. He loves working with his hands, enjoys people, and has a wonderful sense of humor. Some of his favorite positions have been Shuttle Driver, Hot Tub Specialist, Store Clerk, Cashier, Escorting folks to their sites, Fact Finder, Baker, Cook, and Chef but has also mastered working as a Stock Person, Dishwasher, Server, Manager, Goose Herder, Farm Animal Master, In-Store Demonstrator, Traveling Roadshow Sales, Home & Business Designer, Decorator & Organizer. He has dabbled in Reservations, Front Desk and Checking people in using several of the different systems. He knows his way around tools and gadgets, performing minor and major repairs and maintenance. He is a jack of all trades and a master of many others too.

I am extremely organized, enjoy learning new tasks and have a positive upbeat attitude that allows me to smile, laugh and have fun while I work. Prior to our own business adventure where I did all the administrating duties I had many years in the corporate environment that has given me so much experience beyond anything imaginable. Some of the positions I held were Data Administrator, Technical Writer, Executive Assistant, Office Manager, Supervisor, General Manager, Area Manager, Manager at Golf Resorts, Restaurant & Bar Manager,

Server, Baker, Cook, Chef, Cashier, Photographer, Writer, Editor, Copy Writer, Farm Animal Master Assistant, In-Store Demonstrator, Traveling Roadshow Sales, Home & Business Designer, Decorator, and Organizer. Some of the different systems I have mastered are CounterPoint SQL POS, Ros2000, Ros2006, Hercules, Campground Master, Campground Manager, KOA, PARCS, Quicken Books, Internet, Windows Explorer, Lotus, Lotus Notes, Excel, Microsoft Word, Access, Photo Editor, Photo Shop, Adobe, Acrobat, Project, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, DOS, and Macintosh/Apple. I have the ability to pick up new systems quite easily and may already have the experience you may require but have not listed it.

We have managed or worked in several campgrounds and ranches, learning the many different aspects of the business. We managed employees, did all the ordering for the stores and maintenance of the campgrounds, keeping all the guests happy and so much more.

We have worked in several restaurants, cafes, food vendors, cooking, baking, serving, bartending and many other aspects within that venue.

We have worked several of the NASCAR race tracks, these jobs include gate operations, scanners, security, tram drivers and hosts, information booths and ticket sales.

We also work as vendors at shows, handling different sort of booths, renting equipment, selling jewelry and many other items, working craft booths, information booths, demonstrators, brand ambassadors, food concessionaires and others. We enjoy sharing our experiences with others by being tour guides and shuttle drivers.

For several years during the holiday season, we have managed Christmas tree lots and Pumpkin lots with rides, we hire a great crew of employees that we together manage, along with all other aspects of running successful seasonal businesses. We have also decorated homes for the holidays, took tickets and maintained a Holiday Light Show. We worked at Wal-Mart Super Center, Jerry as a stocker in the grocery department and I worked as a cashier.

We are invited back or welcomed to return to many of the positions we have previously worked and at times we have but, there is so much more of our beautiful country for us to see that we prefer short terms assignments, but will consider all if the opportunity is right. If you are in need of assistance in between finding a more permanent worker, give us a call and if we are in the area, we might be able to assist. Or, if you have an exciting opportunity to discuss, please let us know. We enjoy meeting new people and exploring new areas.

Email or phone 602-402-8615

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