Work Wanted: Brenda and Marc Soules

Full-time RVers
(RV: 2017 Heartland Road Warrior 427)

Hello. I’m Brenda and my husband is Marc. We are Full Time RVers who are finishing up our current job and looking for our next one. We are currently in Norther GA and would like to go little more south or south west around Mississippi.

I am looking for an office position or adult events/activities position. Marc is looking for maintenance or yard work. We prefer not to do housekeeping or cleaning bathrooms except for the office one.
My work history is 20 Years working with Disabled children and adults. As an RVer, I have worked at Amazon, as an office person and adult Events/activities in two RV parks in TX and currently landscaping here in GA.
Marc is retired from the Air Force and teaching. As an RVer, marc has worked Maintenance in many capacities such as using tractor to fix park roads, add RV sites, part of building owners house, work on sewer system, mowed lawns with turn mower in two parks in TX, after Amazon. Currently he is maintenance here where he worked on taring down and building a new deck for pool area, worked on repairing water fountains, and miscellaneous jobs.
If you need our resumes, please let us know. Thank you.
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