Work Wanted Ads and Resumes from Working RVers Looking for Jobs

Work Wanted ads and resumes. Working RVers and campers are looking for campground jobs, volunteer positions, and paid employment. Many prefer work that includes an RV site.

Work wanted at RV parks and resorts, on farms and ranches, at theme parks and tourist attractions, with seasonal businesses, etc. RVers are looking for jobs with temp staffing agencies and with security companies, as well as with other employers who hire or contract for mobile workers.

RVers, there is no charge to you for posting your Help Wanted ad or resume on the Workers On Wheels website.  Click here and submit using the website form.

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Type (or copy and paste) your plain text resume or Work Wanted ad into the box below. Put your summary or objectives at the beginning, because that is what employers will see first. If you use HTML or funky coding your resume may show up with question marks or odd strings of characters. You are welcome to post pictures of yourself and/or your rig. Remember to include your contact information at the END, so employers are able to reach you. If you do not put your contact information at the end of your resume or work wanted ad, your resume or ad will be deleted.

Workers On Wheels Resumes and Work Wanted Ads

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Editor's Note: I do not edit these ads for grammar, spelling, punctuation, or clarity because it would distort the writing and communication skills of the job seekers.

Gary Swan and Pam Mahnke 
About us: We are retired and recently completed our first year traveling in our 5th wheel. We travel with our 6-year-old English Springer Spaniel “Wilson”. …

Keith and Mary Anne Meloche 
Keith Meloche & Mary Anne Meloche Last Updated: Apr. 29,2021 Keith and Mary Anne Meloche Our objective is to supply labor and talent to an RV or mobile …

Single mature gal seeking an office/reservations/store/sales position for the winter 2021 season and maybe full time in a warm climate. I am very computer …

John Shaver 
Looking for work camping in Northwest California. Maintenance Have resume can send.

Service Tech 
Am a Service Tech in the Northern Illinois area, more specifically the Rockford, Illinois area. Can travel to you if you need help with your RV. Will …

Joanne Leary  
Traveling to Alaska from Arizona. Will RV from Quartzsite AZ to Bellingham WA, then ferry to Whittier AK, then RV to Palmer AK. Can transport a pet or …

OBJECTIVE: Gary and Pam are both retired. Gary and Pam are finishing up their workamper position in Arizona for the winter. They are looking for their …

Larry and Melinda Krotzer 
resume@ Jollyrogerresort: My husband and I are looking for an opportunity to work in your campground. We are willing and able to commit to a 1yr. Contract …

Mike or Connie Beam 
We are looking for work position in Utah area we had 45 years of customer service and maintenence we have also have managed many different types of resorts …

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