Work in This Economy

- Lu Ella

What is the availability of work for RVers in this economy? I have been out of the workamper scene for six years and am getting ready to return within the next six months. Has the state of the economy affected the amount of work out there?

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Workamping and the Economy

Hi Lu Ella,

If you are looking for a barter situation, where you trade your time and labor for an RV site, you'll find there are numerous opportunities. It seems as money tightened, more campground owners were eager to do the work camping exchanges.

One particular thing I've noticed is that the poor economy lead more people to focus on alternative lifestyles and different ways of doing things. Living in an RV and working off site rent has gotten a lot of press coverage. Many of those news stories erroneously describe RVers as receiving a "free" site, thereby discrediting your time and efforts.

As for paid positions, RVers have some advantages in a poor economy. One is the mobility to go where needed. Another is that those part-time and short-term jobs that others don't necessarily want can fit perfectly into a full-time RVer's schedule.

Good luck -- and welcome back to the work camping fold.

I Second That

I agree totally with your comment. One addition to it that I would include is that employers are becoming more fussy and selective as to who they hire or who they decide to let continue to work.

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