Work for Disabled RVers

(a website visitor asks...)

How can a single man with a physical disability make enough money to pay his bills and recreational vehicle travel expenses? Being disabled, how do I make a living while RVing fulltime?

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies:

How do you make your living when not full-time RVing? Depending on your answer to that, you may be able to do some variation of it as a full-timer.

It's about impossible to give you concrete answers without knowing the type and extent of your disability.

Are you able to do desk jobs or work at a computer? Can you make phone calls and talk with people on the phone? Can you get around with a walker, scooter, or golf cart?

If you are receiving disability benefits now, would they not continue while you are RVing?

If you do have some disability income, you might find volunteering helpful. I'm not talking about bartering a site for labor at a private campground. I'm referring to genuine volunteering for a city, county, state, or national park; or maybe a museum; or at a fish or wildlife refuge; or for some other non-profit agency that provides an RV space and utilities. While not income, it can greatly cut your travel expenses. Volunteer coordinators can often be very flexible.

If you share more about what special challenges you face, we may be able to give you more ideas.

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