Work Camping

- Coleen, the RVing editor asks....
(What Does Work Camping Mean to You?)

Work camping ... just what is it all about to you? "It should be a chance to meet people across the country and travel to enjoy life," says KC, one of our working while RVing readers. He was writing me about what campground owners expect from their RV workers, and how it all fits in with the work camping lifestyle.

The thing is, the "work camping lifestyle" doesn't mean the same to everyone. There are all sorts of assumptions and different opinions.

So, what does work camping and the work camping lifestyle mean to YOU?

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Comments for Work Camping

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What Does Work Camping Mean to Me?

We are currently working at a gift shop in West Yellowstone. The seasonal position allows us to be in an area for an extended period of time. With RV spaces going for almost $60 per night in this area, there is no way we could afford to stay for three months, and see every square inch of Yellowstone.

Because our RV space is included in our benefits package, we are living it up, taking day trips, running out to Yellowstone park at every opportunity.

This is a fantastic way to live, and we are so thankful to be so blessed.

Janice L. Evans

Making Our Dollars Stretch

We knew that our retirement would have to be a "working retirement," as the money just was not available to completely retire as others have in the past. Work camping offers us an opportunity to travel, visit different areas and still keep our expenses low.

There are so many different opportunities available that we can earn additional money while volunteer camphosting, or earn money at the park where we are work camping in addition to what the park pays.

The best part is we are in charge. We don't have to take a position that requires us to work 40 hour weeks, but if money is a problem for repairs or something, we can do so to earn extra.

We have so many options available and so many places we want to visit, we expect to be "on the road" for many years.

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