Work Camping with No Experience

- Fran
(Buffalo,KS USA)

How does a person get started work camping with no experience? Who will give us the break needed to start learning?

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies:

Hi Fran,

You need to give yourself that break. I'm betting that you do already have experience.

Let's step back a bit. By "work camping" do you mean working in a campground or RV park?

If you are talking about campground or RV park work, what kinds of things do you think you'll be asked to do there?

The duties vary, but typically, you'll be expected to do some cleaning. You've done that right? If so, you have experience there and you can state so on your resume. It doesn't matter if you've cleaned your home, cleaned the bathrooms at church when you volunteered during Vacation Bible School, or if it was at a campground.

You may also be expected to work in the campground store or office. Have you had any jobs where you worked in a retail store, or as a front desk receptionist, or as an administrative assistant? Those are relevant experiences.

Do you have basic computer skills? That's important. If you do, most positions allow for teaching you how to use campground reservation software. And, if you want to know more about that, you can practice on the software websites.

Maybe you are looking for a job with outside duties? Okay, what experiences do you have there? Mowed your lawn, ran a weed eater, and tended to your flower beds? Did home maintenance and painted your fence? Those things count.

My point in asking you all these questions is to try to get you to see that you do have experience. You aren't really going out there starting work camping with no experience after all.

Have some faith in yourself. And have fun at the first campground job.

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Work Camping with No Experience

We intend to do just this in a few months as we start our fulltime RV adventure. Both of us are military veterans, which gives loads of references to a variety of positions. If you've run a house, had kids or animals to care for, you can help run a campground! Every day brings something to put down as experience, doesn't it?

Amazon.con Hires Work Campers - No Experience Necessary

If you are looking for something other than the traditional campground work situation, where you typically work the first 20 hours for your site, there are companies out there that need seasonal help. is one of those companies. Their busy season is between September and December, filling millions of online orders from their fulfillment centers around the country.

There are two Amazon locations hiring work campers right now - Campbellsville KY and Coffeyville, KS. If you are interested in a competitive wage for all hours worked; a completion bonus; an employee discount; and a site you don't have to clean toilets for, check out the ad in the Help Wanted section of this site!

Working at Amazon

No Experience

When I worked for the Post Office, and we wanted to advance. . .we always had to fill out job applications based on KSA's. . .trust me, the first time you fill one of these out is very intimidating, however, you soon learn, it's just applying common everyday principles to the skill sets required.

My workamping resume' now applies the same principles, and I adjust the wording depending on the position.

For example, looking at the job requirements:

Computer skills needed for campground:

KNOWLEDGE - what knowledge do you have of computers?
SKILLS - are you skilled in certain programs?
ABILITY - Do you have the ability to learn their program. . .ie. . there are places on the web where you can go and practice Campground Manager, etc.

Maintenance skills needed for campground. . .
same principle. . .just apply what you know to what they are asking for.

Put yourself out there. . .the worst thing they can tell you is NO. . .and being told NO will not kill you! (smile)


Learning Credit

I see alot of questions asked from newbies to work camp positions and I would like to share some thought on this. I am a newcomer also and have a couple of years to read this site before I venture into a campground job. As a newbie, I can't help think that it is a need for beginners to have some kind of elementary training in cleaning, campgound maintenance, etc., with some kind of certificate of achievement when finished, to show employers that we are earnest in our attempt to want to work for them with a piece of paper that states this. For instance, especially guys, do we know the best chemicals to clean restrooms with or what is the general procedure for campground maintenance? I just feel a need for this reassurance, but have no idea how to go about implementing this, or some one else could make this happen.

Getting In with No Experience

My thought was the same when I wanted to work at a campground but had never done so. If you can work out the timing, get that first job in about July to finish out the summer for the campground employer.

I have found that it is fairly common that employees start at a campground but are unable to stay the whole summer. That leaves open positions for July-Sept. or Oct. I've only done this twice, but the employer was thrilled to have me come help them! The first time, I had several things I thought were against me -- no campground experience, single, with 2 kids, and in a tent! The second time I had a motorhome and a 3rd kid!

This year, they pursued ME, starting in Dec. asking me to come about April-Oct, then in May and again in June. Unfortunately, I couldn't do it this year (I'm not full-time, yet) but it was sure nice to know I had a job if I wanted one. And by the way, these were paid jobs with free site!

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