Work Camping Single Men

- Bill

Are there positions out there for work camping single men? Is there a way to filter these listings for easier searching? Most listings seem to be for couples.

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Single Work Campers Welcome

Yes, there are work camping positions for single men and women.

To locate the ads that specify "single," you can search the Work Wanted ad pages with your website browser's "Find" feature.

Most employers hire individuals, not couples. Most organizations that use volunteers also welcome singles.

Most RVers working in campgrounds are part of a couple. So, campground owners write ads directed at them. As long as the work requirements are met, I doubt campground owners care if it is a single person or a couple doing the work.

Workamping Single Man

I have been workamping single for a year. I have found that a lot of employers are asking for couples. But, I have also found many that are hiring single men and a few that prefer single men.

"No couples drama" so, my advice is to respond to ALL ads that you are interested in, single or not. All they can do is say, "no thanks," and they might even have a lead for you.

Persistence is the key. Don't give up.

I have also found a few workamp jobs on Craigslist.

Good luck, safe travels.

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