Work Camping Pastors

- Patti W. ask...

Do campgrounds ever want a retired pastor to hold services during the summer months?

Coleen, the working while RVing editor comments:

Hi Patti,

Yes, ministers work at campgrounds. The arrangements vary from place to place. Some work for a free will offering. Some work as paid employees. Others barter their RV site and utilities for providing Sunday services.

Similar, but yet different, are families who work at campgrounds providing worship services. Their ministries often center around gospel music. Those that we have met tend to move frequently, rather than working at one campground all season.

Thou you asked about campground jobs for pastors, you might want to consider some additional opportunities. If you are a pastor or the wife of a pastor, you may already know them. However, if you haven't stopped to think about it, consider filling in for churches that need a temporary clergyman. Vacationing pastors are one possibility. Another is if the pastor needs to leave for military service or medical treatment. Another possibility is when churches are without a minister because they are waiting for their permanent pastor to arrive.

Another option might be to provide clergy services at hospitals. Yet another option is to work at a theme attraction providing worship services.

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Summer Pastor Opportunities

I don't know about the U.S. but B.C. and Alberta have summer youth camps and they are always looking for help, some of it paid and some of it not.


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