Work Camping In Georgia

I am looking to relocate to GA in the next week or two. I need to find a location that needs workers that live in the campground. Any suggestions?

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GA Work Opportunities

Georgia State Parks have a great website with lots of information about volunteer positions at their many locations. There's a chart showing the jobs, dates, and which ones are open. Here's the website address:

They also sometimes post other camphost jobs there, as well, such as those with the Department of Natural Resources that aren't in state parks.

Check the monthly Help Wanted pages on our websites. We have a couple of llama farms in northern Georgia that regularly advertise with us when they have openings.

Jobs come and go, of course, but as I write this, we do have jobs listed at several GA locations.

And, finally, I repeat my standard advice, because RVers keep telling me it is right on: Go to the area where you want to live and work, and then find a position.

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