Work Camper Urges Caution

- Wesley
(A Disgruntled Work Camper)

Caution is something to use on a frequent basis. Not all work camping jobs are as good as they sound. This is where caution should be used. As a work camping couple, we have had two episodes that we feel need to be shared.


1) We responded to an ad in one of the "WC" magazines and had an instant reply via phone. We were told by the owner that a full hook-up site with 50 amp service was waiting for us. In return we were to supply a total of 20 hours combined work for our site, and all other hours would be paid at the rate of $8.00. We verbally agreed, and then started our trip from Appomattox, Va. to Princeton, Ky.

When we arrived at the "RV park," we found it to be non-existent. We met the very unhappy work campers who were first to answer the ad, they told that we would be sorry, and they left. We met with the owner and found out that we were to help develop the park. It had no water, no electric, and no sewer. The proposed sites were anything but level; totally undeveloped. The owner said if we would stay, we would receive a $1,000.00 bonus when we had a total of five sites that were operable, and the extra hours would be paid out of camp receipts. After two-and-a-half weeks of 70 plus hours per week, the owner not present, and no pay, we decided we had to leave. We later found out the owner had gone to South America to perform missionary work. Needless to say we had been taken for a very expensive ride.

2) We answered an ad from a campground in Milledgeville, Ga., and were readily invited to come start work. The campground was well developed and had everything that we were told about. We started work three days later, and worked approximately 40 hours per week each. For this, we received our FHU site, plus $7.00 per hour wages. Not bad, so we thought. After three months we inquired about no check stubs and no taxes being withheld, and were promptly fired. When we filed our taxes, we found out that we owed more than $1,200.00 in taxes to the federal government because this employer refused to withhold any tax money.

A word to the wise: be very cautious.


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