Seven Work Camper Suggestions from a Campground Owner to Camp Hosts

A work camper can do a better job if he knows what it is that campground owners want and expect. Here, an owner offers seven suggestions for camp hosts that will help the job go smoothly.

A campground owner writes:

Since I own a campground, maybe I can be of help in what to look for, what to ask if you are thinking of becoming a work camper or host.

1. Get specifics on what you will be expected to do.

2. Get specifics on hours required.

3. Talk directly or email back and forth so you get to know your employer.

4. Do a little research. Look at their website to see what kind of place it is.

5. Most places require some kind of reasonable commitment, which protects both parties, the camper and the campground.

6. Ask what pet peeves the manager has so you understand what is expected. Our pet peeve is when workers gossip to our customers. Loyalty and acting in a professional manner is our number one requirement.

7. Talk to the boss, if you have complaints, not the campground customers.

We have found that when we treat our campground hosts with respect and fairness, they do the same for us.

-- The above is word for word, as written by the campground owner. --

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