Finding Your Dream Work Camper Job Depends on Thinking and Speaking Positively

If you've found the work camper job of your dreams, I bet you're a positive person, someone who says positive things. Having trouble finding a job? It's your choice of words. Yes, it makes all the difference.

I am listening to Napoleon Hill's The Law of Success. The section in today's lesson is on the Law of Retaliation. It basically says that we get back from people what we give them. Negative begets negative. Positive begets positive.

I just deleted a comment from an RVer who said she was treated like trailer trash and not allowed in some campgrounds. She blamed it on the fact that they used to have a beautiful motorhome and now have a fifth-wheel. But, I suspect the reason she isn't allowed in nicer parks is because of the things she says. She commented that we are all in the same boat, all receiving the same welfare, and then went on to berate the President of the United States. The welfare comment offended me -- perhaps because I work for what I have and am not on welfare. While I certainly don't agree with much of what President Obama does, I don't think name calling and making general accusations (that my educated guess tells me are wrong) are going to help the situation. I certainly don't think they are going to help the particular RVer to find a job or to be welcomed into nicer RV parks. If only she could see things in a more positive light, how much better her chances of finding a work camper job in a nice park would be.

Another RVer tells me of how desperately he and his wife want to go full-time RVing. In some of his first correspondence with me, he explained how they just needed someone to give them a chance. I've tried to explain that a business owner has an obligation to his business to hire people who indicate they can do the job. It is my belief that it is simply irresponsible for a manager to hire someone to "give them a chance" without any indication that they will be an asset to the business. Yet months later, and still looking for a volunteer work camper position, every time I hear from this prospective work camper, he laments on how no one will give him a chance. The words he uses are turning off prospective employers and preventing him from getting that job offer he so desperately wants. If only he could speak more positively, he'd greatly increase the likelihood that someone would hire him.

Jobs and volunteer positions are out there. If you are having trouble finding one, take stock of the words you choose. Take stock of your thoughts. Get rid of the "poor me" attitude. Stop blaming others. Find the positive side of things and you'll find the work camping position that is right for you. Thumbs, up! You can find the work camper job of your dreams.

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