Work Camper Guidelines

(a future work camper asks...)

Are there any rules or guidelines for work campers to follow while working? While not working? Thank you.

Coleen, the working while RVing editor comments:

Could you expand on your question? I'm not sure that my answer really tells you what you want to know. What comes to mind are the basics, but I think you are asking for something else.

~ Honesty
~ Respect for self
~ Respect for others

~ Follow the employer's instruction
~ Remember that you are hired to improve the business and serve the employer
~ Cooperate with the business team

~ Employers usually pay for all hours on the clock
~ The best workers go above and beyond the minimum obligation
~ A smile or kind word goes a long way

~ If you are bartering your work for an RV site and utilities, consider one day per week
~ People who go to the area where they want to work and find a job have fewer regrets than those who travel long distances across the country for the sole purpose of a job only to find they neither the job nor the area is right for them
~ Help Wanted ads are negotiable

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