Work Camper Cons: Top Ten List of Things That Irk Campground Management

This Work Camper Cons article tells you what you can do -- or avoid doing -- to be a more valuable work camper. Want to be considered a top notch, highly sought after employee? Read on and take heart.

From the campground and RV park management's standpoint, what makes some work campers more desirable than others? This top-ten list is straight from the employer's perspective. It goes to show that little things are often very important things.

The top 10 work camper cons:

1. Have ideas to make the park more profitable, and taking it personally when they are not immediately acted upon.

2. Excessive personal use of golf carts, utility carts, etc.

3. Excessive chatting with the paying customers.

4. Excessive chatting concerning problems with the park operations, management, and owners within the employees and paying customers.

5. Excessive chatting with other employees, chatting with the pretty girl or young man in reservations/store/office.

6. Using park resources, hand tools, oil, gas, grease, and power washers for personal projects in campers and vehicles without authorization.

7. No supervision, no work.

8. Seeking a better park, campground, pay, benefits while working for a park, then leaving after a few weeks, or even days, without warning.

9. Schedule conflicts, work camper couples that want to all working hours together and all weekends off.

10. Not goal oriented, taking many times the amount of hours to do the work.

This is a guest article. The author wishes to remain anonymous. He is a work camper / snowbird, with a 143 site campground in the North West Florida area. He is the maintenance manager. Part of his duties includes finding, hiring, and managing work campers. He writes, "There are pros, obviously, but those are for another post. If this was the way I felt about all work campers, I would deliver newspapers instead of living the RV’ing life."

Questions or comments? Let me hear from you.

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