Work at Home Questions Answered about Coleen's Respected Home Business

Work at home opportunities raise questions about whether they are legitimate or scams. I'm writing this to answer questions about our home business as Independent Consultants with JR Watkins.

Work at Home Independent JR Watkins Consultant

The business -- being an Independent JR Watkins Consultant isn't right for everyone, and it may or may not be right for you. I'll gladly answer any questions you have. I encourage you to email me with your specific questions.

Watkins has been around since 1868 -- that's 150 years. That says a lot for the company right there. The company headquarters are in Winona, Minnesota, and that is where they make most of the products. I think the fact that they are "made in USA" products also says a lot about the integrity of the company.

As network marketers, we belong to a group of Independent Watkins Consultants. We know that working together we accomplish more than if each of us works alone. Our group field executives are top leaders in Watkins.

Don't let the word "consultant" throw you. Some network marketing companies and direct sales companies use other titles: associate, representative, rep, dealer, distributor, coach, ambassador, or sales person.

A Watkins work at home business has two arms. You can work one, or the other, or both. Both are very compatible for RVers to do from an RV home.

One is selling JR Watkins products. As Independent Watkins Consultants, we pay wholesale prices, according to our volume. The more of the product we use and sell to customers, the higher our commissions and bonuses.

You can pass around catalogs and take orders. You can send people to the website they give you (no cost to you for the website). You can set up at fairs. You can teach a class on the importance of using plant based environmentally friendly cleaners, and then recommend Watkins home care. These are just a few of the ways to retail products.

Once you start using the products, you'll find it easy to recommend them. You'll also find that people who've used the products before like them and want them. Anyone who has ever used Watkins products knows they are superior quality.

We have done price comparisons. The retail prices of Watkins products are similar or less than comparable products at grocery stores, drug stores, and even discount stores such as Walmart. As consultants, we pay less than retail - up to 47% less on regularly priced items and less than that on sales items and consultant specials.

You can choose to sell or not. You choose how, when, and how much to sell. If you don't want to sell Watkins products, you don't have to sell them. That's where the other arm of the business comes in, the one that doesn't require sales to other people -- team building.

We do not get paid for sponsoring new consultants. We get paid for helping Watkins get more products out of their warehouse and into the hands of customers. We can do that by selling products directly to customers. We can also do that by sponsoring new consultants who use the products. The new consultants may also sell to customers and sponsor others. When we build a team of associates that are using the products, we are helping to move a lot of products, and Watkins rewards us for that.

As a Watkins rep, you don't spend money on products you don't need. You simply change brands. Instead of buying other brands, you buy Watkins brands from your own online store.

Here are the types of products:

  • Spices and seasonings, soup and dip mixes, and other food items
  • Natural laundry detergent, all purpose cleaners, and other cleaning products
  • Personal care items such as body cleansers and hand lotions
  • Old time natural remedies including the famous brown Petro Carbo first aid salve, liniment pain relievers, and Menthol Camphor ointment for stuffed noses
  • Gifts items -- practical gifts that people love receiving want, and use

You don't buy any extra products. You switch brands. You buy the Watkins brand (at wholesale prices). You then help others get started doing the same thing -- buying Watkins brands instead of Proctor and Gamble brands, or instead of Walmart brands. Because you are sending Watkins a customer, they pay you a bonus. The more customers you sponsor and send to Watkins, and the more those customers buy, the bigger your check.

You can choose to sell products directly, to sponsor new members, or both.

It costs $29.95 to register and start your business -- a business you can while traveling. That gets you the membership to buy at wholesale and to make referrals (sponsor new members). It also gets you a personalized website. Your customers can order products from your website. They may also join the business under you from the website. Your membership also includes extensive training with a personalized training web site, regular conference calls and webinars, and help from me.

  • No cost to you for any of the websites.

  • No mandatory monthly fees of any kind.

  • No minimum order size.

  • No required purchases.

  • Order what you want, when you want, as much or as little at a time as you want.

  • No territories -- you have the entire USA and Canada.

  • Watkins will ship directly to your customer.

  • They'll ship your order to you anywhere in the USA or Canada, and you can change that with every order, if you want.

We started as Watkins dealers in 2005. It is successful for us, or we wouldn't still be doing it. It's a flexible work at home business. It fits in perfectly with full-time RVing. As with any legitimate work at home business, there can be some good income tax deductions.

Here are links to my two Watkins distributor websites that will give you more details:

~ Sell Watkins Products

~ Build a Watkins Business without Selling Products

Or, email me, Coleen Sykora, Independent Associate ID #262289, with your questions.

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