Winter Work

Douglas B. writes:
This will be my first time applying for work camping work. I am living, but not working in, a campground in NH until it closes down Oct. 11th. I could leave earlier if work required it. There are few campgrounds that are open after mid-Oct. in NH and surrounding states.


At this time I have not seen any "winter season" workers wanted ads and I do not know if they will want me to come before end of December or early January to train or start. Yet, I need to make a reservation, for a fall stay, ASAP, as long as I'm not going to a state prone to weather problems. And, longer stay equal better rate.

Any info about usual requirements for newbie workers, winter work, etc., would be big help.

Coleen, the RVing editor answers:
Although there are positions that start all the time, any time throughout the year, many winter season positions start in mid to late October and in November. Your timing with your current park is probably about perfect.

When you say you need to make fall reservations ASAP, I'm guessing you mean that you are most comfortable having reservations and that you want to know where you will be staying before you travel to a particular part of the country. Many RVers feel that way and it may be

right for you. Since you are new, I'm going to add this, just to clarify -- reservations are a want, not a need, as far as finding a site goes; in our 16 years of full-timing, we never made reservations months in advance and seldom made them at all, even when we stayed at destination resorts.

I believe there are huge benefits in going to the area first, staying at the campground a few days and getting the feel for the place, as well as meeting the owners, before committing to stay for the entire season. When you meet the owners, your excitement for being there, along with your energy and enthusiasm, can overcome most any lack of experience you have.

To find winter work in the south, while you are still in NH, go back through the earlier pages of Help Wanted ads on our site. Many of the ads are for immediate openings, because that's when campgrounds typically need people is "now" whenever "now" happens to be. But, you'll find there are some already there for this coming fall/winter. Some go so far as to advertise a year in advance.

On your resume and applications, stress your strengths. List the skills and experiences you've picked up at other jobs, through volunteering, and from life experience that are relevant. Be confident that you have something to offer an employer.

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