Winter Jobs in Florida

- Wendy & Bill L.

My wife and I are full-timers and are interested in finding job opportunities in Florida this winter. We read your news letter regularly but are not sure how to secure positions in Florida. We expect to be in Florida in early October. We are both in excellent physical condition and are both computer literate. We would appreciate any suggestions that you could send our way. Thank you in advance.

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Florida Seasonal RV Park Jobs

One option... Look through the job listings pages on the website to see who is advertising Help Wanted in Florida. Here's the link to those pages:
Job Listings for RVers

A second option... Place a Work Wanted ad, noting when you will be in Florida and available for work. Be sure to tell the employer what you can do for him, your skills, experience, and accomplishments -- rather than listing your wants. Here's the link where you submit an ad:
Submit Work Wanted Ad

A third option... If you want to work in a Florida campground, decide upon an area where you want to work. Then, look at the websites of campgrounds in that area, as well as looking in campground directories or travel magazines to learn about campgrounds in the area. When you find a couple that particularly appeal to you, contact them and let them know you'd like to work and what you can offer them.

A fourth option (and if I were you, this is the one I would choose)... Wait until you get to Florida this fall. Find a campground where you think you'd like to live and work for the winter. Check in there for a few days, as a paying customer. While you are there, get involved. Visit with the staff and management, and other RVers there. Take part in activities. When you see something going on, volunteer to help out a little. Be friendly. Get to know people and let people get to know you. By that time, you'll have seen how things work at that particular campground, gotten a feel for the type of park it is, and had a chance to see if you think you'll fit in. And, the reverse will be true, also, that the owner/manager will have had time to evaluate you. If you decide you like the atmosphere of the park and want to work there, then approach the manager/owner about a position. Doing it this way eliminates so many nasty surprises.

However, if after a few days you find that first park isn't somewhere you'd like to live and work, breathe a huge sigh of relief and move on. Be thankful all it cost you was the price of a few night's campsite. Then, repeat the process at another park.

Since you plan to go to Florida in October, you will be there before many others. I would think you'd have your choice of parks.

Now, if you are thinking of working somewhere other than an RV park, my advice is similar. Except that instead of spending your time hanging around the park, you'd spend your time in the community becoming familiar with other people and businesses there.

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