Why Work In a Campground?

Why would I want to work in a campground instead of getting a job somewhere else? Campground owners want too many hours each week just for a site. What's the big attraction to workamping? What am I missing?

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Campground Job Benefits

Sometimes it is a matter of convenience. When you work in the campground where you are staying, you are working close to home. There's no daily commute. You can run home during your break to check the dog.

Sometimes it is a matter of community. RVers tend to like to work with other RVers. When you work in a campground chances are that both your fellow workers and your customers will be campers. Some RVers go full-time because they want to immerse themselves in all things RV, and working in an RV park or campground is a sure way to do that.

Sometimes it is a matter of being where you want to be. State park regulations may limit you to 14 days camping in the park. However, campers working there may stay for the whole season. The park where you want to stay may be too expensive for your budget or they may be full. Working there, assuming they have sites set aside for their staff, gets you around those two obstacles.

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Working in a Campground

Sometimes they promise you 20 hours a week and when you get there they tell you other workcampers didn't show up and you will have to work 40 hours.

Sometimes they tell you that there won't be any bathroom cleaning and when you drive 2,000 miles to get there, they tell you the person that was supposed to clean them didn't show and now it was your job.

Sometimes you get them to sign a contract on what you would be doing and when you get there they change the terms to suit them.

Campers Want To Be In Campgrounds

Hi Bluebird Bob,

Sounds like you read the question as being reasons for NOT working in campgrounds, when the original poster actually asked why people DO WANT to work in campgrounds.

Sure, some campground owners are lousy employers, just like some RVers are lousy employees. That's not unique to the campground or recreational industry, though. It is pretty much how it is in every group, some good and some not so good.

Convenience. Community. Location. Those three factors put the camper in the campground because he wants to be there.

Agreeing with Both of You

You both have a good point. However, most people asking for workampers want too many hours.

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