Why Google Ads

- Anonymous

Why do you have Google ads on your site? I don't like them. I go to your website to find out about jobs. I don't go there to see ads for stuff I don't want.

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Advertising Supports the Website

The ads help make it possible for us to publish the website and the newsletter without charging you a subscription fee.

Instead of charging RVers and employers for using our website, we allow Google to post ads. They deliver ads they have determined to be relevant to the content on the page. When our website visitors click on ads that interest them, we earn a payment.

We hope that the ads will be helpful to you. They may lead you to websites that have more in-depth information on a topic than we what we have. The ads can be good sources of ideas and information, and connect you to other useful resources.

If you don't see ads for anything that interests you, that's okay.

Joy and prosperity,

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