Why Don't Employers Answer

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Question: If someone goes to the trouble of putting something in your letter about a position and will not provide you with additional information about the job so you can make a decision about working for this group or person, you have to wonder what they are trying to hide.


Why bother to place an ad if you not willing to provide the information that is requested?

Coleen replies: If the employer doesn't reply at all, it is probably because of one of these reasons:

~ They didn't receive the email, letter, or message where you asked.

~ You forgot to give them contact info, so they don't know how to get back to you.

~ They have selected someone else for the job.

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Why Don't Employer's Answer Applicant's Questions

In addition to Coleen's answers I have a few of my own:

- Potential employers probably received a lot of applications to choose from, so they will not take the time to answer questions from any applicants until they start the interview-selection process. In this case you may not have made it to the final selection process and will never hear from the employer again.

- Potential employer simply may not feel that they have an obligation to reply to any applicants other then the "A" list of the people they select to contact.

I have personally sent out hundreds and possibly over a thousand applications in the last few years.

I also tend to want to have all my questions answered before I spend valuable time applying for jobs. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and I also think that employer's should take the time to answer all my questions since I took the time to apply.

However, in today's job market I can assure you that employer's do not feel the same way.

In my opinion, sending out applications for jobs these days is kind of crap shoot in that there are many factors that may or may not get you a response from a potential employer.

One obvious obstacle preventing the response you might like is the number of people that are applying for those positions.

Note: Never expect any certain response from any potential employer because not all employers consider or practice the same courteous actions you may consider appropriate.


Why Don't Employers Answer

Frustrating as it may be, there are many reasons employers may not answer, As traveling workampers for the last four years, we have spent a tremendous amount of time and effort contacting potential employers.

In 2009, we contacted and submitted our resume to over 200 internet advertised listings for RV park managers, workampers, and other hospitality venues. Response came immediately from some, slow from others, or some not at all. Yes, like many of the workampers who travel and work this lifestyle, we were deeply frustrated when response did not come as anticipated or not at all. Realizing time spent to acquire reasons why a company or organization did not respond only delays in the acquisition of other opportunities.

Since the importance of acquiring a position is of the greatest priority, the following are some of the advanced methods we now use to determine position suitability, legitimacy, availability, compatibility, and compensation package.
- Research the position.
- Above all, read the position description; if it doesn't have one, request it.
- If there's no response to emails, continue to other positions.
- Remember there may be an overwhelming response to a position and there is no possible way to answer all.
- Avoid those with fax number with no other phone number or person of contact.
- Use discretion.
- Check the website, see if they list the position advertised.
- Location of a position is one of the important aspects to look for; what is available, distance to amenities, staples, fuel, entertainment, recreation, medical facilities.
- Have fun and enjoy the workamping lifestyle

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