Why Aren't Applicants Courteous?

I have contacted several of your applicants offering them an opportunity to talk about an opening I have at my campground. I never hear from them. No contact whatsoever. I'm beginning to believe these are all ghosts, or if they are not ghosts they are not the kind of people I want working for me. Maybe they just need to be told that they need to at least send an email telling owners that they are not interested.

That's my two cents worth.

Dick Allam
Florilow Oaks Campground
Bushnell Florida

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Re: Why Aren't Applicants Courteous?

Sometimes the emails may go directly to the junk folder by mistake, especially if you are doing any multi address mailing. Many forget to check their junk folder for legitimate emails.

You have to specify in the subject area that it is about a "work camper position available," and in the beginning of the email reference where you obtained their email address and why you are sending them this email.

In a world of spam and I.D. and information theft, many immediately delete anything they don't quickly recognize as a legitimate inquiry.

Re: Why Aren't Applicants Courteous?

Personally, after looking at your website, I find your rules and regulations so restrictive that I would not consider staying there as a customer or worker, nor would I feel obligated to respond to an inquiry by such a place. I have turned down and ignored many similar situations.

Courteous Applicants

I personally know a senior couple who are courteous. So there are still some good ones. My parents are 80 years young and believe in hard work and honesty. They are looking for work in Florida after Oct. 2008. They have been workers on wheels for 17+ yrs. When they leave a campground, the owners are sad. They are a great pair of courteous applicants.

Call Me

If you will give me a way to get in touch with you, I would be happy to talk to you about your opening. E-mail me @mytimeiscome@yahoo.com

Why Aren't Applicants Courteous?


In rebuttal, the same can be said for campground owners. I have sent three resumes and have only heard from one in reply. I did accept the position from the one I heard from. However, I'm beginning to think it isn't a specific group in society, it's society on the whole.

Why Aren't Applicants Courteous?

Then you are finding applicants aren't any more courteous than people advertising for help wanted. If you reply to them, they don't even have the courtesy to say you wouldn't be acceptable.


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