Who Is Eligible for Camp Work?

- Jan
(Mesa, AZ)

We are former RVers. We now own a park model in an RV park in AZ. Are we eligible to apply for jobs as camp workers?

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Motorhome Not Needed for Camp Work

Yes! You are eligible to apply for camp work jobs.

When you say that you are former RVers, I'm guessing you mean you used to travel by motorhome or bus, regular or fifth-wheel travel trailer, or pop-up or pick-up camper. However, since you now have a park model, you are still RVers.

That aside, you can find campground jobs that don't require you to have a recreational vehicle. If you go through the ads on our Job Listings pages, you'll see that some offer a cabin, apartment, or other lodging as part of the salary package.

You will also find that not all camp jobs require you to live on the premises. It is often convenient for both the RVer and the camp owner to have workers live on site. However, I've been to many campgrounds where the staff lived off-site and commuted to and from work on a daily basis.

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