When to Advertise for Workcampers

(an employer of workcampers asks....)

How far in advance are workcampers looking ahead for positions? The workcamp position RV space has been filled thru April 15th (it is now December). Would it be better to delete my ad and post it again in April, or to change it to reflect the new available date?

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies:

I'd suggest you change your ad to reflect the new position start date and run it for a month. If it doesn't fill, then update it and run it again in early spring.

There's really no standard for when to advertise for workcampers.

I'd say it is most common for workcampers to look for work about six months ahead. At the beginning of the spring/summer season they are looking for their fall/winter position. When they get settled into their fall/winter job, they start planning ahead for the following spring/summer.

That said, it's not uncommon for workcampers to look for jobs a year or even up to 18 months in advance of the start date.

Of course, the earlier the commitment is made, the better the chance that it will be broken. There's just so many things that can happen during that time.

There's also a large faction of RVers who look for work when they are ready to work. These are the folks who fill those cancellations.

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It's All About Timimg

We generally ask our employers what made them choose our resume over others. Considering that I feel that we have a very nice resume both in form and experience, I'm usually disappointed to hear that our resume came in at a time they were looking for a workamper. Job hunting is like showering -- the more often you do it the more it improves your chances.

It's also a good idea to follow up with a phone call, or better in person, if you are near the job hunt.

Having been in management, is hard to turn a quality person away when they call on you in person.

A down side to the above plan is that often times your work experience may be equal to or better than that of he person who receives it. When this happens, your resume is round filed since many employers and managers are fearful to surround themselves with talent. They look at this as a job threat. In that regards, we like to have talented people around since they make our job easier.

Job Ads

If I were an employer, I would run my ad for 6 - 12 months in the future, but would make a note also that apps are taken and kept on file for at least a year.

When I had some people I wanted, I'd email them to see if they were available to fill positions that may come up as temps, or just new positions.

Some people get bored or just decide to move for their own reasons, so they might contact their list of prospective employers for any new openings.

When to Advertise for Workcampers

From a work camper prospective, it's nice to look three to six months in advance to see what openings are available and in what states. If there happens to be a position in an area I'm interested in, then I contact the advertiser and explain my current commitment and let them know when I will be available, if selected. I like knowing that when the current commitment ends, I have another somewhere down the road. I suppose it's a "security thing," but not knowing and attempting to find a position at the last minute never works out well. (For me anyway.)

One other thing; if you update your advertisement, be sure to note that it was updated and why, at the beginning of the article. A prospective work camper reviewing the ads will then know it's changed. If they don't know it?s changed significantly from when they saw it before, they may pass it by and miss out on a great opportunity.

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