What Makes an RVer an RVer

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What makes a person an RVer? I thought anyone who traveled by an RV was an RVer. But on another forum, someone asked about RVers who sang for their supper or otherwise worked as musicians and entertainers. Someone replied about the folks he'd seen performing at RV parks in AZ, TX, and other places. He was shot down and told that those folks aren't part of the RVing community. What gives?

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RVers Sleep in Recreational Vehicles


If you sleep in a recreational vehicle -- an RV -- you are an RVer.

You are correct that those professional musicians and entertainers traveling in their live-aboard motorcoaches are RVers. They may be top name musical stars in fancy custom buses. They might be performers in more moderate rigs. Either way, they are working RVers.

As for the person who said those entertainers weren't part of the RVing community, I suspect he meant they aren't part of the camping community. Some folks forget that not all RVers are campers and that not all campers are RVers.

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