What Are You Doing?

There are so many kinds of work that RVers can do. What have you found that is right for you? Hit the Comment button below and share with your fellow RVers.

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Working in Maine

My husband and I have been working in Maine. We are managing a recreational facility that I found on workampers.com.

We are here for the season. Been here since May 18th and will stay until Sept. 14. Then we are looking for our next job.

We live on site, work 13 hours a day and we do everything. By this I mean we manage, which includes collecting fees, inspection of boats, security, seeing that everyone is complying with the rules, cleaning, supervising other employees, maintenance, and basically whatever needs to be done.

I also have a website www.poormansgifts.com which I give $10 gift cards to all new register customers.

We hope to find a job in Arizona next.


We are at Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. Have been here since March 25. Will be leaving Aug. 26.

Great place to be and work. There are bears everywhere so watch when you are out. There are two moms with five cubs between them.

We like volunteering with NWR.

We will be going to Florida for a state park in September.

Star Wars Themed Weekends

How about a Star Wars weekend? My husband is an amateur astronomer who does programs at parks. He doesn't charge anything but free camping and a little gas money. Check him out as the Ky. contact for sidewalk astronomers of America.

CG Hosting in Oregon

My wife and I are hosting in a USFS campground on the central coast of Oregon and are really enjoying it. We work for a concessionaire, American Land & Leisure, get FHU site and wages for 40 hrs/week. This is our fourth year with this company and second year as full time RVers.

AL&L is a growing company with many summer season hosting jobs available in many locations from Washington state to Florida.

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