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- ReAnn

I so enjoy your website and I got my first workcamp job from an ad that was on it last March. Unfortunately, the experience was absolutely terrible, as the owner of the RV resort was an awful person, and I could never recommend this resort for anyone to work.

Do you have somewhere on your website that allows we workcampers to say, "please contact us privately before ever accepting a job at 'a certain' RV resort"?

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A Way to Help Your Fellow RVers

Hi ReAnn,

We don't have a place on the website for employees or employers to post such warnings. However, when our readers let me know about bad experiences I do make note of it off the website. If I see a problem pattern, I can then refuse ads or otherwise address the situation.

One of the reasons we don't have a warnings page is that most stories have two sides. I often hear them both. I don't automatically black ball a campground or RV park when I get a complaint from a workamper ? just as I don't refuse a Work Wanted ad from an RVer just because a campground owner reported him as being less than an ideal worker.

Another reason we don't have a warnings page is that what makes a job good or bad is often very subjective. I will get two reports about the same campground and one will be complimenting the camp owners, saying how much they enjoyed their entire experience at the park, while the second will say how bad working there was.

I appreciate that you want to help your fellow RVers. Here's a way you can do that: Write up a list of questions you can ask before accepting your next job that will help you determine if it is a good match for you or not. Send me the list of questions and I can post them for all working RVers to use as a checklist.

Star Ratings

My wife and I are just starting to consider workcamping when we retire. It concerned us that we need to stay at the campground before we apply for work camp because I did not see a ratings from prior work campers. Perhaps an evaluation of 1 through 5 stars is appropriate here like in international travel. Only short comments are allowed in the ratings. One star is poor and 5 stars is an excellent rating.

This rating is tempered by the number of responses and comments. For Example if 10 workcampers have rated the experience as a 4 or 5 stars, with few negative comments then its a pretty safe bet its an ok place to work and camp.

However, if only one workcamper rates a campground a one star and runs it down in the comments section without additional ratings, it doesn't mean much to me. If 10 out of 10 workcampers give it a one star. I would not go there to work.

5 Star Campworking Rating System

I like the idea of a 5 star system to rate the jobs for campworking. My wife and I are beginning to get serious about workcamping... and would like a place to see what other campers who have worked there might rate the place.

Problem is, like was commented on, too many times the ratings are very subjective and not objective. I would hope that more people would grow up, get past feelings and look more at the facts and let the facts decide the ratings.

Being subjective is too easy to fall into.

Ratings 1-5

I would love the idea of ratings from 1-5. My husband and I also had bad experiences as workampers and we were scared after that to take another work camper job.

One Man's Pro is Another's Con

The problem I have with a rating system is that what one person considers a bad thing, another considers a good thing.

Example: One workamper tells me it is a bad campground to work at because the workamper staff are discouraged from socializing together. Another tells me the campground he worked at was bad because during his free time, he was expected to attend pot-lucks and social hours, and was considered unfriendly when he instead used his off-duty time for his art work and exploring the area.

In the above example, it wasn't that either campground owner or job was bad. It was that the workamper didn't like the ambiance of the park he chose.

Workcamper Rating Scale Update

Since the first comment on a one to five rating, I gave this more thought and had a couple of page questionaire developed. But it hit me that everyone brings a different skill set and expectations to the table just like one feedback comment about the potluck suppers.

So I went back to the original concept. One is a poor experience and five was a great work camp experience and you have, say, 300 characters in the comment section to make any comments you wish. It is normal to have comments all over the scale.

What is important that people respond and report. The more comments and ratings received the better the picture of the situation.

This rating really doesn't rate the park in any way. Your experience is all that is important here. It would be surprising that everyone agreed on this but the number and frequency of responses will provide potential workers some information.

I have no work camping experience but am considering it. I would review all the ratings and comments before making a decision.

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