Wanted: Working Campers Working in a State Park for a Documentary

- Coleen, the RVing editor

A producer who would like to do a documentary on retired work campers who are currently work in a state park contacted me. If you are working in a state park now, or will be at you state park work camper assignment soon, and you would like to be featured in her documentary, read on. Below is part of the email I received from her:

Dear Coleen,

We are specifically looking for a retired work-camper couple that wants to get to travel America on the one hand and needs to do this in a cost efficient way, on the other. We would fly to whichever State Park they are at and try to do a little documentary about the life of work-campers.

It is an unknown concept to Germans and we think it is a wonderful story that, again, makes life so much richer and more interesting.

Kind regards,

Hillery Gallasch -- Producer
ARD German Television
p: 202 298 4031
c: 202 460 9727

ARD GERMAN Television, with 22,000 employees is one of the world's largest broadcast organizations. It's Germany's market leader in hard news, news magazines, and documentaries. ARD also commits a large percentage of its prime time programming to features and documentaries from abroad.

News bureaus in 27 countries underscore the network's commitment to international reporting.

And with 13 radio and television correspondents and a staff of over 30 specialists, ARD's Washington, DC Bureau runs one of the largest foreign broadcast operations in the city.

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