Want to Fulltime and Work with Dogs

- a Workers On Wheels reader, Kathleen, asks....
(Dog Show Vending, Dog Grooming, Dog Care)

Kathleen and Her Dogs on the Ferry

Kathleen and Her Dogs on the Ferry

I'd like to do something in the dog related field as I've been a groomer for over thirty years. One possibility is working as a vendor at dog shows but I don't know how to go about finding such as job.

I've often been able to pick up grooming jobs from fellow campers, but not enough to cover my expenses.

I'm looking to become a fulltimer sometime in the next few years. I travel alone with three tiny dogs, so that does limit me some. I prefer to stay on the east coast.

Any ideas?

Coleen, the RVing editor replies:

Hi Kathleen,

You can find a listing of dog shows at the American Kennel Club (AKC) website. Look for the Calendar of Events.

You could also use the Club Search function to find listings of dog clubs. They have them grouped by type, such as agility, conformation, performance, and tracking. Within the type of club category, they group them by state or by dog breed. The listings have contact information, including links to their websites.

I followed some of the links to the dog clubs and dog shows. Some have vendor applications on the sites. Others tell you who to contact about vending. Some list the vendors of upcoming or just past event. You could use those listings to get ideas of what other dog show vendors are selling.

The American Kennel Club website address is www.akc.org.

Besides being a vendor, there are other jobs working with dogs at the shows. Two that come to mind are dog show handler and dog show groomer.

You mention that you've done some grooming at campgrounds. You might expand the list of services you offer dog owners. Maybe include walking or sitting.

Also, check the Working with Dogs section on our website. There you'll find more ideas there.

Go to the page with more working while RVing questions and answers.

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Wonderful Opportunity to Live Where You Want While Having Your Rent and Utilities Paid For


As I write this message, I see that you live in Armonk. I would bet that with the weather you are having you are wishing you were already full timing and in the sun belt somewhere.

You have several options to help you earn $$$ dog grooming while camping.

1. Select an area where you would like to be. Then go to the yellow pages for that area, using a fifty mile radius. Locate all the veterinarians and pet stores in that area. Send your dog grooming resume to all of them and advise them of your intentions. Wait for the responses to roll in.

2. Contact campgrounds and RV Parks in that same area. Send your resume to them and tell them what you would like to do and if they would let you advertise on their bulletin boards.

3. While doing all the above, you may want to volunteer at either a public park. They will generally require that you work for them 10-20 hours per week. The balance of your time could be used for your dog grooming business. What a wonderful opportunity to live where you want while having your rent and utilities paid for.

4. Place an add here in Work-For-RVers-And-Campers.com in the WORK WANTED SECTION!

Good luck to you.

Dog Boarding

If you have your own RV, I could really use someone like you. I have a dog boarding facility at home/farm and it's been expanding. I started it on my own.

Just look up "Dancing Creek Farm" in Virginia.

Good luck!

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