Wanna Work at RV Park in Alaska

- Darlene
(Ashland, Wisconsin, USA)

Is there any place I can find out about working at an RV park in Alaska to earn my campsite fee and maybe a bit of cash while we would be up there for the summer of 2011?

I'm retired and looking or light duty work, maybe working at a visitor center or cooking at a community area, or clerking in a gift shop or general clean up around the camp ground.

We want to move around some, too, and spend a fair and equal amount of time on the Homer Spit, in Skagway, and the in and around the Valdez

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Summer Work Camping in Alaska

Hi Darlene,

Skagway, Valdez, and Homer are not in close proximity to one another. To spend an equal amount of time in each means that you wouldn't be spending much time at any one of them.

You might contact the RV parks directly. Just Google "campground" and the town and you should come up with a list. Or, look in whatever campground directory you normally use.

You may find it works better to show up, be available, have a good attitude, and let them know you are there and ready to work. No guarantee that way, but a lot of times campgrounds can use help for a couple weeks or so.

Another thing you might consider baby sitting at school yards. You don't babysit kids. You park at the school and keep an on eye on things. If something looks suspicious, you call and report it.

I think they welcome campers who want to stay for as little as two weeks. You might be able to arrange to do a two or three week stint in each of the three areas where you want to visit.

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