Wages for Activity Director

(Frank, a full-time RVer, asks...)

Do you have any information regarding wages paid to activities directors in south Texas RV parks? We have been offered a position and concerned that we are not being compensated adequately.


Coleen, the editor, replies:

Although the activity director position has more responsibility and requires more skills than general cleaning or camp hosting, it is also a more prestigious and desirable position. If you receive minimum wage for all hours worked, a site with utilities included, and use of the full facilities, I think that would be about average to expect.

I know your wife has special training (a degree in campground management). Because of that, I would think you would be able to negotiate some perks that don't cost the park a significant cash outlay, but that could be a real savings to you, such as propane at cost, free laundry, that type of thing.

Also, as activity directors, you may be able to get complimentary passes to a variety of area attractions. Some areas have an official program where they give a pass to key staff working at tourist attractions and services that cater to tourists. The idea is that if you take their tour or visit their attraction, you will then recommend it to tourists you come in contact with throughout the season.

As activity directors, you'd certainly be in a position where park visitors would be asking you about additional activities and events in the area. Also, there's the possibility that you'd arrange group outings to those attractions. So, my suggestion is that when you are negotiating, ask the park manager if they have a VIP program or something similar. If not, contact the attraction managers directly and let them know of your position and interest in the business. Those free admissions can amount to quite a lot. It's one of those situations where the attraction, you, the park where you work, and the guests all come out winners.

Back to your original question, I wish I could tell you that the wages for activity directors were higher. But, realistically, from what I've seen, they aren't.


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