Volunteering Saves Money And Yields Many Rewards

Volunteering can be a fun way to spend your time while you save your money. RVing volunteers frequently receive an RV site and other benefits while helping out their favorite causes. They also get to see some beautiful parts of the country and have some great experiences. It's a win-win situation, for both the non-profit organization and the working camper.

Volunteer Work Opportunities For RVers Volunteer opportunities abound for working RVers. Some full-time RVers are full-time volunteers. Some of us need income from our work, so we donate our time, talents, and labors around our paying jobs.

Volunteer Organizations That Are Christian RV Groups Volunteer organizations include RV groups that are ministries. They need folks willing to share their skills helping agencies. The RVer works in a Christian environment doing productive work.

Mobile Missionary Assistance Program (MMAP) Mobile Missionary Assistance Program (MMAP) volunteers are Christian RVers who travel the USA, working construction and remodel projects, teaching God's word along the way.

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