Volunteering for Rose Bowl Parade Floats

- Gail
(Bothell, WA)

We are wondering if you have any information about volunteering to help with a float for the Rose Bowl Parade. If so, any information would be appreciated. If anyone has done this...would you do it again and would you advise it for others? How do you go about getting signed up?

Gail and Mike Alexander

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Tournament of Roses

The Rose Bowl Parade is a spectacular site to see live. I can send you in the right direction for information. Here are a couple of web pages that should be helpful.

For general information about volunteering with the Rose Bowl Parade and Rose Bowl Game:

To volunteer to build floats, you contact the float builders directly. They have a list of them, including contact links on the Tournament of Roses website.

For information on volunteering to build a Rose Bowl float:

Maybe someone who has worked on the floats or otherwise done paid or volunteer work for the parade or games would join in and share their personal experience.

Volunteer Experience with Rose Parade Floats

I volunteered and put flowers on a Rose Parade Float and I thought I'd share my experience.

I volunteered for a city that was entering a float and signed up through their park & rec department. Fifty of us were transported by bus to the float decorating area near Pasadena. I was required to commit to a four hour shift, not including the bus ride.

The floats are under circus like tents, and when I was there the weather was chilly and wet. Make sure you dress in layers and I really wish I would have had gloves since my fingers got so cold.

I was there on New Year's Eve day, so I was able to put the final live flowers on the float.

You won't believe the sights and smells. Where I was working, there were about six floats being worked on. Racks and racks of fresh flowers of all colors were brought in and I took some great photos! Lots of television news crews wander through; I even saw an interview with Teri Hatcher (she is so thin). Anyway, every space under the tent was filled with racks of flowers. They put each flower into its own little vile of water, and then the vile is stuck into a Styrofoam block. So, after listening to your directions, you begin removing the flowers from the Styrofoam block, and pushing the little viles into the area on the float.

I worked on a sailboat and I was so excited to see "my sailboat" coming down Colorado Blvd. on New Year's Day! I highly recommend the volunteer experience. It's a great event and even greater when you can be part of it!

Campgrounds for Rosebowl Parade

We will be going to the Rose Bowl festivities next year and wonder about the campgrounds... proximity, price, etc.

Campgrounds Near the Rose Bowl

Hi Jim,

I was hoping you'd hear back from some folks who have been there and could share first hand about where they stayed. Maybe they will still chime in.

In the meantime, I found a website that may be helpful http://www.camp-california.com.

It lets you search for campgrounds by landmark. You also enter the distance you are willing to be from that landmark. It then comes back with a list of campgrounds in the area, including their amenities and prices.

Enter "Rose Bowl" and choose 50 miles as the distance. You'll get back information on about 20 campgrounds. They range from 13 to 42 miles from the Rose Bowl. I checked prices on a few of them and it looks like they start at $30 and go up from there.

Rose Parade Tickets

We're planning our 2012/2013 travels -- mostly centered around volunteer opportunities. Attending the 2013 Rose Parade is on our bucket list. In most cases, we volunteer in return for FHU campsites. In this case we would like to volunteer for Rose Parade seating tickets.

I have reviewed the information posted here. A lot of good stuff. Thanks.

However, I cannot find any words on whether or not volunteers can get free or discounted tickets for parade seating. Does anyone know about this?

Happy New Year

Want to Volunteer Building Parade Floats

My friends are looking forward to volunteering in 2013 rose bowl floats.

Would love to have all info on when, where, times, etc.

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