Volunteer Work Opportunities For RVers

Volunteer opportunities abound for working RVers. Some full-time RVers are full-time volunteers, matching their interests with the volunteer positions. They go from one volunteer assignment to the next, living on-site. Some of us need income from our work, so we have paying jobs or RV-based businesses, and we donate our time, talents, and labors during our free time.

Unpaid work campers typically exchange their labors for an RV site and other benefits. It's natural to think that RVers help in camp settings, such as the campgrounds in state and national parks. And they do. But, it goes far beyond camp hosting and park work. Working RVers build homes and churches. They tend animals. They volunteer at museums and historical sites. They donate their time and effort for causes that are important to them.

The rewards are many.

Volunteering work campers get to stay in gorgeous state and national parks entire seasons. What other RVers get to see for only a few days, work campers get to enjoy for months.

A paycheck isn't one of the rewards. (With the exception of select government positions that come with a small stipend.) However, there are financial rewards.

The main one used to be saving on camping fees. Many settings include an RV parking site. It often includes partial or full hook-ups. Along with the site, savings accrue because workers may get things free: use of laundry facilities, propane, uniforms, meals, entertainment, and use of a vehicle.

Nowadays, fuel is another big savings. It's cheaper to stay in one place for a few weeks or months than it is to do a lot of driving. Instead of logging many miles RVers save by staying put longer.

The biggest payoffs, though, may be benefits that have nothing to do with money. Knowing you are being useful. Supporting a cause you believe in. Seeing the joy in others' faces as you help them. Giving back. Just doing what you know in your heart is a good and right thing to do.

So, how do you find these volunteer jobs? Where can you go for a working vacation? What agencies would love to have your help? Who do you contact? How do you get started?

We'll answer these questions on the pages ahead as we build this section. And, if you are in charge of recruiting volunteer RV workers for a non-profit organization, submit your Help Wanted ad using this form.

Read more about volunteer opportunities for RVers.

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