Volunteer Organizations That Are Christian RV Groups

Volunteer organizations include RV groups that are ministries. They need folks willing to share their skills helping agencies. The RVer works in a Christian environment doing productive work.

Volunteer organizations are the answer if you have grown tired of playing shuffleboard, lounging in the casinos, losing at Bingo, sightseeing, and sitting all day with no purpose, then you may wish to do some productive, useful work for an agency who needs your help and enjoy the fun and fellowship these organizations provide.

The following ministries need folks who are willing to share their skills to work for agencies. The RVer may have skills in constructing buildings such as churches, houses, schools, knowledge of installation of electrical service or plumbing, sewing, cooking, teaching, office work, painting, etc. And if you do not have the skills, the people on the job are willing to teach you. The RVer works in a Christian environment and should respect some groups’ restrictions on smoking and alcohol use.

Nomads on a Mission Active in Divine Service – NOMADS -- A mission outreach ministry of the United Methodist Church. This program is specific to individuals, couples and families with RV’s wishing to be involved in Christian service at United Methodist-related mission agencies, camps, churches, and in disaster response.” This is an interdenominational group. The projects are scheduled for 3 weeks. Winter projects begin early January and wind up in late March. During this time, the projects are divided into 4 three-week sessions requiring 20-25 hours per week. Of course, these winter projects are in the Sun Belt area of the country. There are also opportunities to work in the fall and spring. There are over 100 projects scheduled and over 1000 members. Participants work on a volunteer basis and receive no remuneration. Agencies are responsible for the workers’ parking and utilities. Depending on the projects, the RVer may park in a campground or in the parking lot of a church or agency. For more information:

United Methodist NOMADS
PO Box 3508
Shawnee, KS 66203
Phone: 937-837-9849
Toll Free: 866-466-6237 -- (1-866-4NOMADS)
FAX: #913-232-7566
Email: director@nomadsumc.org
Website: www.nomadsumc.org

- - - - -

Roving Volunteers in Christ’s Service – RVICS -- RVICS are retired Christian couples living in travel trailers or motorhomes who are serving the Lord through an organized work ministry. We are basically a maintenance and service organization, but also do small construction projects. We endeavor to serve only non-profit fundamental Christian colleges, schools, camps, conference grounds, etc. There are no labor charges for these services. Couples should plan to commit to a minimum of three months of service. Men are required to work six hours per day – three and a half days a week (21 hours) and women are required to work three hours per day – four days per week (12 hours). There are several groups across the US that allow one member of the couple to work if the spouse is unable to work full time. RVICS is interdenominational. No pets, tobacco, or alcoholic beverages are permitted. For more information:

RVICS International Headquarters
1800 S.E. Fourth St.
Smithville, TX 78957
Phone: 800-727-8914
E-mail: rvics@rvics.com
Website: www.rvics.com

- - - - -

Servants on Wheels Every Ready – SOWERS -- SOWERS is a non-denominational ministry of interdenominational Christians; retired and semi-retired, who love to travel in some type of recreational vehicle. Along with traveling, we enjoy serving our Lord and His people in a special way; working on selected projects at various churches, missions, camps and other Christian-related ministries. Our work involves automotive and truck repair, construction, and maintenance work. Some of us are professionals in our field, and some of us are just handy persons. We work a six-hour day, a four-day week, and three-week month for a total of 72 hours per month. Project hosts are required to provide parking for our RVs with utilities: electric, water and sewer hook-ups.” The wives in SOWERS are not expected or required to work, but may do so if they choose. For more information:

SOWER Ministry Office
14771 CR 424
Lindale, TX 75771
Phone: (903) 882-8070
Fax: (903) 882-8010
Website: http://sowerministry.org
Email: sowers@sowerministry.org

- - - - -

Habitat for Humanity -- This group builds houses all over the country for low-income families. Each family is interviewed and required to put hours into the building of their home as well as attend classes on being homeowners. Even after the family has moved in, Habitat follows up and helps the family in their new role as responsible homeowners. Workers are always needed for home construction. Check in the local phone book for the office located in the area for information about the projects in which they are involved. For more information:

RV Care-A-Vanners Information Desk
121 Habitat St.
Americus, GA 31709-3498
Phone: 800-HABITAT, ext. 2446
E-mail: rvinfodesk@hfhi.org.
Website: http://www.habitat.org/gv/rv.html

- - - - -

Mission Builders ELCA -- Mission Builders of the ELCA is a mission outreach ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The program started in 1987. They have paid employment and short-term (as little as one week) volunteer opportunities. Working RVer participants who work less than a month serve as volunteers. They receive no remuneration. They do, however, receive RV parking and a full RV hook up. Mission Builders of the ELCA typically work 40 hours per week, Tuesday through Saturday. Spouses are welcome to participate. They may serve as construction workers. Or, they may serve in congregational or local volunteer outreach activities. We have a detailed article on our website about the Mission Builders ELCA. For more information:

Mission Builders of the ELCA
Attn: Bill Graves
119 Gulf Hibiscus Drive Port
St Joe, FL 32456
Phone: 800-643-5295
Email: msnbuilder1@gmail.com
Website: http://www.elcamissionbuilders.org

- - - -

This article about volunteering with Christian RV organizations was originally written by Janet Glaser. It was later revised and updated by the Workers On Wheels editor, Coleen Sykora.

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