Very Little Job Experience

- Mary Penhallegon
(Pasco, Wa)

My husband and I have been married 28 years and I have very little job experience except for homemaking. Would like some suggestions on basic skills I would most likely need to have in order to be a team. I have about a year to prepare. My husband has many skills that fit. Thanks.

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You Have the Job Skills

Hi Mary,

I think you have more job skills than what you are giving yourself credit for having.

When you mention being part of a team, are you referring to working together as a couple in a campground or RV resort?

Typically, the husband works outside. He often does maintenance and grounds work.

Typically, the wife works inside. The duties usually include some cleaning and helping in the office.

Think of the things you do in your home to make your family and friends feel welcome and comfortable. Many of those things are the same types of things you?d do at a campground.

You are online and participating on our website, so you already have some basic computer skills. Chances are you?ll use them in the campground office.

Those homemaker skills you've acquired over the years are worth a lot!

Yes You Can

You can be a workamper if you ever have cooked, cleaned, paid bills, mowed the lawn, or painted the house.

Oh, yes, if you ever spent time entertaining your kids, that would qualify too.

Yes You Can

Hi Mary, this is the kind of people campgrounds like. Down to Earth and willing to learn.

Or, working in a home base business with your husband can be so much fun.

We have been looking to make the move to RV fulltime but haven't found the right place. Need to be near grandchildren. It would break my heart not to see them but a few times a year.


I appreciate the comments and encouragement from the people who responded to my question. Thank you for giving me positive messages.

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